You’ll Never Regret Getting a Door Screen Magnet for the Summertime

Summer is here. That means longer days and warmer nights. You’ve done all the work to turn your backyard into the perfect summer oasis. You’ve added a fire pit, upgraded your grill, and are ready to host summer soirees. There is just one more tiny thing you’ll need to host the perfect gatherings for friends and family all summer long.

You’ll never regret getting a door screen magnet! These efficient and heavy duty screen doors make the backyard an extension of your home. Perfect for those of us who are ready to entertain guests this summer.

Quick DIY

This door screen magnet is a cost effective and easy DIY home improvement project you could easily accomplish in an afternoon. First wipe your doorframe clean. Next, simply remove the door screen magnet from its package. Lay it flat, aligning and news hunt sealing the magnetic closures. Hold the screen up briefly to your door frame to ensure it’s the correct size. Make any quick adjustments using the easy to follow instructions. Then simply adhere it to your doorway using the included hook and loop tape.

Ta Da! You’ve just installed a beautiful door screen magnet. You are ready to entertain in style.

Make Your Outdoor Oasis an Extension of Your Home

When you’ve upgraded your home to include a door screen magnet, entertaining becomes a breeze. No longer does your beautiful, upgraded, backyard feel separate. Instead, it has become an extension of the rest of your home.

The easy to use door screen magnet doesn’t require any opening or closing to walk through into your backyard oasis. Guests can easily travel outside hands free, just as they would casually stroll through the various rooms of your house. No longer do you have to corral guests and guide them into the beautiful outdoor space you spent so long perfecting. songs india

Now you can leave the doors to your yard wide open. The door screen magnet will keep the bugs out while allowing you and your guests to flow from your home to the backyard with ease.

Serve Your Guests With Style

Now that everyone is outside enjoying your beautiful yard it’s time to bring out the refreshments. The door screen magnet makes this easier than ever. No need to have someone walk through the party with you to open and close the door. Simply walk right through the door screen magnet with a tray full of tasty margaritas. Your guests will be impressed with the impeccable flow you’re able to entertain with.

Anytime you host an outdoor cookout it can be frustrating to go back and forth to the house with plates, tools, and ingredients. When you have a door screen magnet you and your husband can quickly and efficiently acquire everything you need for the perfect summer cookout.

As an added bonus the magnets will self seal behind you everytime you go in or out. This means you enjoy your yard just like another room of your house without letting the bugs make your house their home.

Pest Proof

Whenever I host a party I am so frustrated at the end of the night when my home is full of mosquitos. We love our friends and family; but during the party many don’t think to fully close the door. They just want to enjoy the outdoors and everyone is constantly having to go in and out to help with refreshments or use the restroom. Sometimes closing the door just gets forgotten. No one wants to be getting bug bites on their ankles when they are trying to fall asleep after a full day of hosting.

By adding a screen door magnet you keep the bugs in your yard while allowing your guests to move from indoors to outdoors with ease. The heavy duty mesh has a higher thread count than the competition which ensures bugs stay outside where they belong.

Dog and Cat Approved

The final reason you’ll never regret getting a door screen magnet is how much your pets will love it! Our pets are part of our family and they deserve to be spoiled. Now that you’ve upgraded to a door screen magnet your cats and dogs can easily access the yard themselves.

No more hearing your cat mewling because she wants to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Now whenever she wants she can saunter out and enjoy her favorite spot in the sunshine.

Your dogs will LOVE that they can run in and out of the house and play all on their own. This will help them burn up all that excess energy. No more having to worry about constantly taking them for a quick walk to do their business. With a screen door magnet they can get out and go whenever the need arises.

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