What you need to know about Davis and Shirtliff water pumps

Davis and Shirtliff company has been in the water pump business for the last 75 years. The company specializes in the installation and sale of water pumps under different brand names like Davey pumps, Dayliff pumps, and DAB pumps, among others. It offers tailor-made, reliable and flexible solutions to household, commercial and industrial water users. This article will focus on water pump selection, type, use and prices at Davis and Shirtliff.

Water is an essential commodity that means life to both flora and fauna. When hope for other water sources deem, boreholes and wells are the only options to get water. Now, how to get it from the borehole and wells forms the basis for today’s discussion about different types of water pumps available at Davis and Shirtliff, use, choice and price.

Some basics about water and water pumps

Head; refers to a pressure unit measured in meters per foot.

Total head; refers to the total pressure required by a pump.

Pump capacity; refers to the amount in volume a pump can deliver within a given time.

Well, it refers to wider and shallow manual underground boring.

Borehole; refers to narrow and deep underground boring by a drilling machine.

Types of water pumps

Borehole water pumps; are designed to draw water from boreholes.

Horizontal Centrifugal water pumps; are designed for heavy water transfers.

Domestic water pumps; are best suited for domestic and light uses.

Vertical Multistage water Centrifugal; these are sturdy and used for commercial and industrial use.

Submersible drainage water pumps; are designed for domestic water use.

Engine water pumps; are specifically designed for uses that require high-pressure transfer like firefighting infosportsworld.

Heavy duty water pumps; are designed for commercial and industrial use.

Circulator water pumps; are designed for hot water applications, air cooling and conditioning.

Water pump choice for domestic use

There is no greater satisfaction than a home with a clean supply of clean water. How do you achieve this? It is very simple to choose the best domestic water pump that fits your budget.

These domestic water pumps are sturdy and unique. They are designed to fit small-scale to large-scale domestic uses.

They include; The Dayliff series (DJJ, DDC, DDP, DDP 50/65A, DDG, DDS, DDF, DDV60) and the famous Dayliff Aquastrong SMART45.

Water pump prices

The cost price of any item is determined by its quality, type, brand, use and durability. Like any other item in the market, the Davis and Shirtliff water pumps Kenya prices are determined by;

The distance between the water reservoir and source; dictates the type and capacity of the preferred water pump to transfer water from one point to another.

Water source; cost of water pumps varies in wells, boreholes and tanks.

Water pump usage; water use and pressure balance will determine the type of water pump needed.

Water pump brand; every brand has a different price tag.


The demand for clean water for household, commercial and industrial use continues to grow with population and use. To have reliable access to water, you will need to own a water pump. The best water pump that suits your need is based on type, brand, water source, pressure need and cost. As a consumer, you need not to worry; Davis and Shirtliff is your ideal water pump partner, access to clean water for all thebirdsworld!

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