What causes the Different Price Rates in Peanut Butter Making Machines

A peanut butter machine is used to grind and crush peanuts to produce butter found in most kitchens across the globe. You can create the butter on different scales.

This article will look at how different parameters result in different prices of the peanut butter machine.

Over the past years, people have liked using peanut butter for daily food consumption. It has led to the need to increase the amount of peanut butter produced hence the need for more machines. Although most peanut butter is built on a large scale, there has been a steady increase in small-scale production by different smaller groups.

Although the machines perform the same function of producing peanut butter, they are sold at different prices. Below are some of the parameters that affect the costs of these machines.

Source of Power

Different peanut butter machines have different ways of powering them. It is the main factor that affects the peanut butter making machine prices in Kenya. One of the ways is through manual power input, where human labour is required so that the machine can work. The other way is by using electricity. The electrical device is easier to use as one only needs to plug in the machine and press a button to start working.

The power is usually used to drive the teeth-like structures that crush and grind the nuts to make the butter.

The electrical-powered machine is more complex than the manual one; hence it is pricier. Other than the initial purchasing price, buyers need to consider the electricity cost they will incur if they settle on the electrical machine.

Country of Origin

Where the machine was manufactured also affects the prices of these machines. Although few, locally manufactured devices are less expensive compared to those imported from other countries. It is brought about by the different mechanics surrounding legislation and business.

One of the reasons is that most of the machines manufactured within the country are manual, and those imported are electrical. As evidenced above, electrical appliances are expensive compared to manual ones.

The other thing is that imported goods are constantly subjected to excise duty as they come into the country. This cost is always transferred to the buyer and other expenses incurred during importation. It results in these machines being pricier.

Manufacturer of the machine

Different manufacturers have different prices. It is true since it is difficult to maintain a market price of the machines due to the additional costs that these manufacturers incur, which are greatly dependent on factors such as market location, design of the device, and location of the raw materials. The labour pool also factors in.


When you notice that the prices of the machines differ, you will be able to explain why some are more expensive than others. The information provided above will also assist you in selecting the device that is appropriate for your specific preference and purpose.

As a result, it is critical that you carefully read the details to help you understand more about this machine.

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