Ways Thankfulness Help the Students

Thankfulness is a very beautiful feeling. Thankfulness is feeling and attitude of appreciation and thankfulness for the good which we receive in life from anyone. From many studies conducted it has been proved that when we express our gratefulness and maru gujarat thankfulness to others, it sends peace, happiness and calm to the mind and heart. For example, when we go to a restaurant and the gatekeeper opens the door for you or greets you with a warm welcome it makes you so happy and cheerful. In a study published in 2019 it was found that thankfulness is linked to happiness in children by age 5. Which means inducing thankfulness in the character of children will help them grow jolly and happier. The same way in a similar study it was found that children who aged between 11 to 13 and exhibit the nature of gratitude they remain very happy, optimistic and create a social environment around them full of appreciation. Earlier students were not aware of even LMS full form but due to online learning they are completely aware of its details along with LMS full form and that is why they remain thankful to online learning always.

It is very unfortunate to say that people don’t have this attribute usually, people have forgotten to show gratitude and that’s why respect among people is getting vanished. People have nearly stopped respecting each other. Though this attribute exists in almost all cultures film indir mobil and religions, people in the west show gratitude to God by saying “grace” before meals and in gulf countries people say “shukran” for expressing their gratitude towards someone or God. Expressing thankfulness is virtuous that means you don’t take things for granted. Students who are still in their student life must practice it and bring it into habit so that it may benefit them in personal and professional life. Like students must be full of thankfulness towards their tutors because they provide the knowledge which decorates their future. The best way to receive gratitude is to help selflessly and don’t expect anything in return, the helped person will be full of gratitude for you itself. Like students must help their fellows with learning and understanding those topics which weak students can’t get. In return the other student will be full of thankfulness. There are several benefits of practicing thankfulness. When you are full of thankfulness then you become polite to others and get rid of ego problems, thankfulness and ego are enemies, they can’t stay in one mind with each other, and it will be wise to choose thankfulness over ego. That student who can practice thankfulness contains the gift of enjoying and valuing what they have, which makes them rewarding friends and companions. 

Everyone, including students, can enjoy the benefits of thankfulness. Students these days forget about thankfulness when they escape their classes and that is why school managements have adopted the attendance management system because attendance management system makes students to be attentive to attend the classes and be thankful to school management for providing education. Thankfulness is an emotion which is generated when someone does something favourable for you and you become full of respect for that. Thankfulness makes you recognize and respect the person if he or she does anything good to you or helps you in hours of need. There are many ways to practice thankfulness especially in student life there are many chances. A student can start doing this by noticing everything around him he or she can be thankful for. That can be anything either big or small, sometimes those things which being busy in academic life students take for granted. Every morning after waking up early in the morning and after completing morning prayers be grateful for a few good things around you daily like beautiful nature, people, community, creature, be thankful to almighty for giving shelter, soft bed and fresh meal. This will fill your mind with positive energy and it will be a wonderful feeling. It will feel like you are respecting these facilities around you and they are thanking you for your respect. A student should never miss a chance to pen down the emotions, it also makes the student realise the changes in emotions with the time. Following the same, students should pen down everything good that happens to them and be thankful for it

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