Type of Esports Betting Offer in Maxim88 Malaysia

When we talk about online casinos there can be a lot of options to play around with. From the all-time classical Poker to roulette games and even slot machines, players can enjoy it all. But what if you are bored with all of that? What if you crave a change in the field of gambling?

Well, one good solution is to bet on eSports. Though this gambling field is new to most gambling sites out there, Maxim88 has raced its way to being one of the first platforms to offer e-sports betting in Malaysia.

Now if you are interested in eSports then this category will be perfect for you to gamble. And here we have listed some of the types of eSports bets you can place in Maxim88. So without further ado let’s get started.

IM Sports: The Game Provider

One thing to know about the provider is related to the types of games that the provider offers. The list of games is pretty long but some of the top games include Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offence, League of Legends, Rocket League, Hearthstone, Arena Of Valor, Call Of Duty, FIFA, Warcraft, and much more.

IM Sports aims to cover all the gamer sports events and cover all major leagues along with all the major players making sure that there is always a gambling option available for you.

Concept Of Money Line

Before getting started with the types of bets you can place, you should know what the money line is. The money line is the same thing as an outright bet.

You are betting on which team will win without spread betting. The best part is you don’t have to worry about it if you see the term being used.

Types Of eSports Bets You Can Place

Match Winner Outright Bet

One of the most common eSports bets you will find at Maxim88 would be betting for the match-winner. This bet is the simplest. Just like you would wager your money on sports like football and basketball you can do the same here as different teams compete in different games.

Tournament Winner Outright Bet

When we talk about outright bets, the tournament winner’s outright bets have to be the most common ones. They are immensely popular and can help you win good money if placed at the right time.

It doesn’t matter which tournament is being played, players have to bet on the team which will be the outright winner of the tournament.

Though if we are being honest, this bet can be a little tricky but if you do the right amount of research and keep up on everything by researching the event, there are high chances for you to win the bet.

Group Winner Bet

Another common type of bet can be placed in the group winner bet or better known as the bracket. Though the bet is pretty similar to the tournament winner bet, this bet counts for the winners who are at a different stage in the tournament.

With tournament bets, there’s always a big risk but with these bets, players have a decent chance against the odds one thing to keep in mind is that these bets aren’t carried out widely and can be found in big tournaments mostly.

Score Bet

One of the most overrated bets in eSports betting would be the score bet. The score bet is basically where players who are betting predict the exact final score of the game. This bet can be placed in terms of points for instance 5-6, 7-7, etc.

The basic goal of these bets is to predict the final score of the game accurately. These bets are heavily placed in live betting as predicting the exact score of a game can be tricky for anyone and more information is needed before placing a bet.

Player Performance Bet

If you are up for a challenge and are bored of the simple bets that are there in the eSports industry then this bet is for you. This bet is relatively complex as players have to bet on the gamer directly who’s participating in the eSport.

Though every bet would vary depending on the game that the players play. For instance, in a shooter game, the bet can be placed on the player that they will kill a specific amount of players in a given period.

This is what makes these bets more complicated as one has to be super confident in the player that is participating in the game. However, these bets do have great odds as the factor of prediction is extremely hard.

Top Player Bet

This is relatively a simpler bet, as the name goes. Gamblers have to wager their money on the top player also known as the most valuable player in the game. In this bet, it all comes down to the individual performance of a player so make sure you have your money on the right players with a rich winning history.

Accumulator Bet

If a complex bet is your thing and you are good at keeping track of things then this bet is for you. Maxim88 offers accumulator bets better known as combi-bets. In this, the bets are basically placed on multiple eSports events.

Though the money gamblers wager on this bet is quite high, one has to get bets of all the eSports events right in order to win big. Though the payout is phenomenal, getting to that payout won’t be a piece of cake for any gambling of any skill level.

So be sure and ready to win all or lose it before you place this bet as one wrong move can affect your gambling career.

Final Words

If you are looking for a change in gambling then this betting category can be what you need. All you have to do is understand the circumstances and predict based on your gaming instincts. Just like sports betting, in esports the game can also change within a matter of minutes so make sure you wager your money on the right team. Visit to know more! 

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