There’s No Need to Reinvent the Wheel: Making Motherhood Easier

Just Because it’s Natural Doesn’t Mean it’s Without Challenges

Motherhood is one fo the most natural things there is, and some of the most beautiful experiences come with it. However, with the highs come the lows. There are difficulties with motherhood that can be hard to overcome. There are things you can do to make things easier. We’ll explore a few.

1. Find Support

Going it alone is always harder than having support. More hands make the work less difficult. The father should be there, sometimes he won’t be. Parental support groups can help. You can divide up parenting duties and find childcare solutions easier. Also, you can learn things that help you avoid common hardships all parents face.

For example, formula feeding has always been less healthy than breastfeeding, but many modern mothers don’t realize this. Incidentally, this makes things more complex when things like formula shortages get in the way of them nourishing the baby.

Parental support groups can give you an idea what’s available, how to get it, where to get it, and a variety of different perspectives on the subject that can help you make a more informed decision before a baby is born, and as a child matures.

2. Get Help While Breastfeeding

On the topic of breastfeeding, sometimes there are difficulties even mothers who have had several children encounter. Breastmilk production, mastitis, and clogged milk ducts can all happen. Also, latching can be difficult for a few reasons. Sometimes you’re new to breastfeeding, sometimes your arms get tired.

Here’s a link from Nest Collaborative on comfortable breastfeeding positions that can help you find a new way to nurse if you’re having such difficulties. Breastfeeding consulting options also have insight on varying lactation issues like low milk production, and ways to solve them. You might just need to change your diet.

3. Flexibility: Let the Baby Determine Your “Schedule” For A Time

For the first few months, you want to work around your baby’s sleep schedule. As they mature, you can establish more firm bedtimes, but this isn’t always possible in the first year or two. Accordingly, lean into that. Let your baby’s needs determine yours. They’ll need more sleep than you, so once you find your rhythm, you’ll be able to get more rest more regularly.

Reducing the Strain on Yourself

Flexibility around your child’s needs helps you better meet them, for the first few months at least. Breastfeeding consultation will assist you in finding alternative positions and solutions to issues like low milk production. Parental support groups help you find childcare, parenting tools, and other items that help you to be an effective mom.

Certainly you can push forward with no help or information at all, and things might end up alright; people had babies long before support options like these existed, after all. However, when you can make it easier on yourself, that can help enhance your parenting.

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