The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Home

When your home feels messy, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. It can feel like you need a team of expert cleaners to get everything ship shaped again. But in truth, decluttering your home doesn’t have to be a massive task; it can be broken down into smaller chunks that are much easier to manage. In this blog post, we’ll take you through some simple tips for decluttering your home store focusing on areas such as surfaces, closets, drawers and cabinets, and general areas such as bedrooms and living spaces. The process isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Follow the steps below to get started today.

Deciding What to Keep and What to Toss

This might sound contradictory, but the first step to decluttering your home is to decide what to keep and what to toss. There’s no point in simply throwing everything into one big pile – you’ll simply end up with a bigger mess on your hands. Instead, you need to figure out what items in your space are worth keeping and which items can be tossed out. The best way to do this is to make a list of everything that needs to go.

Next to each item, write down a reason why you want to keep it. That way, you can go through your list and figure out exactly why each item is a necessary part of your home. Once you’ve made a list of everything that needs to go, start boxing them up – either in large trash bags, or smaller boxes if you plan on donating the items. This will make it much easier to find the items you need and will also make it easier to sort through them when it comes time to start organising your home.

Give Your Home a Good Cleaning

It might sound obvious, but the first step towards a clean and decluttered home is to clean your house from top to bottom. Use an all-purpose cleaner such as vinegar or baking soda in a spray bottle to tackle general cleaning tasks such as wiping down countertops and dusting furniture. Once you’ve tackled the major cleaning tasks, you can move on to other areas of your home. This includes cleaning and organising the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedrooms. You might even want to consider hiring a cleaning service to tackle some of the toughest areas in your home – this will allow you to tackle the areas that matter most to you in a more efficient manner.

Organise the Rooms in Your Home

Once you’ve tackled the major cleaning tasks, you can move on to organising the rooms in your home. This is a simple process that can have a major impact on the way your home looks and feels. First, clear out any items that don’t have a place in your home. This includes items such as clothes that don’t have a home in the closet and even items such as cleaning supplies that don’t have a place in the bathroom or kitchen. Once you’ve cleared out these items, you can start to organise the rooms in your home. If that sounds like too much work, don’t worry there are plenty of ways to get started with minimal effort. Some of the easiest ways to declutter your home and organise the rooms in your home include:

– Using baskets to organise the bathroom – baskets are a simple and effective way to get started with bathroom organisation. You can use baskets to organise everything from towels to toiletries.

– Using drawer organisers to declutter the kitchen – kitchen drawers are a great place to store pots and pans, cutlery, and other kitchen supplies. But without an organiser, they can quickly become messy. Using drawer organisers can help keep these drawers clean and tidy.

– Using shelving units to declutter the bedroom – bedrooms often become cluttered with various items such as books and paperbacks, electronics, and other items. But there are several ways you can use shelving to get started with bedroom organisation.

Strategies for Tackling Tough Areas

Some areas in your home will be easy to declutter, and others will be difficult. For example, the drawers in your kitchen and bathroom are likely to be easy to declutter. Simply toss out any extra spoons or towels that don’t have a place in the drawer and you’re good to go. But what about the closet? What do you even do with the closet? The key to tackling the closet is to declutter – get rid of any clothing you don’t wear, and donate any clothing you don’t wear. This will help you to create space to make the closet easier to manage. You can also use hangers and shelving to get started with closet organisation.


At first glance, decluttering your home might seem like an impossible task. But when you break it down into smaller chunks, it’s a fairly straightforward process. The first step is to decide what to keep and what to toss, followed by a thorough cleaning of your home and the organisation of the rooms in your home. Certain areas such as the closet might be challenging to declutter, but there are many ways to get started if you’re struggling. When you’re finished, you’ll have a home that feels fresh, tidy, and spacious.

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