The Right Size Pillow Case for You – Dimension Guide

Buying the right pillow case is an important aspect of bedding. It can protect your pillow from dirt, allergens, and stains. You can also choose a pillowcase based on the color of your pillow, or you can customize the design of the pillowcase. The size of the pillowcase is also important because you do not want the case to fall off, causing the pillow to become flat.

There are many different sizes of pillows. The largest size, king, is 20 inches long by 36 inches wide. You can order custom pillowcases, but they cost more than the standard size. If you are shopping online, you can find a chart of common pillowcase sizes, including standard, queen, and king. You must have a knowledge of all the pillow sizes and their dimensions. You can also find a pillow size chart that shows common sizes for the types of pillows.

Pillowcases Types Width (in inches) Length (in inches)
Body 20 inches 54 inches
King 20 inches 36 inches
Queen 20 inches 30 inches
Standard 20 inches 26 inches

In addition to the size, the shape of the pillow is also important. Body pillows are the largest and longest pillows, so you’ll need a pillowcase that fits the shape. Some body pillows don’t come with matching pillowcases, so you will need to buy one yourself. This saves a lot of laundry. The size of the pillowcase is also important if you sleep on your side, on the back, or on the stomach.

If you are a back sleeper, you may want a pillow that is taller. However, if you sleep on your stomach, you may want to buy a pillow that is smaller than normal. Alternatively, you may want to choose a pillow that is longer than usual. The size of a pillow case should be in proportion to the pillow itself, and should be a good match for the bed.

Different Types of Pillow Case and its Dimensions:

Standard Pillow Case

There are a number of different sizes for throw pillows. A standard pillowcase size for a standard pillow is usually 20 by 20 inches, while a queen pillow case is 22 by 22 inches. You can also find smaller pillow cases for kids’ rooms. If you need a body pillow, be sure to choose one that is shaped like a curved cylinder. These are perfect for pregnant women or side sleepers, and they also fit most standard pillows.

King-Sized Pillow Case

A king-sized pillowcase is the largest size. Its dimensions are 20 by 36 inches, and it fits king-size pillows only. However, you can adjust its dimensions to fit other types of pillows. Standard-size pillowcases are 20 by 26 inches. They are large enough to fit a standard-sized pillow, but some may have extra material. This means that you should choose the case that is one or two inches larger than your pillow.

Queen-Sized Pillow Case

When it comes to pillow cases, queen-sized ones are the most popular size. They’re available in various shapes and sizes. Some people like big, fluffy pillows while others prefer the smaller, more cushioned kind. But for those of us who like pillows, it’s essential to know the difference between a queen-sized pillow and a standard-sized one. Knowing this information will help us choose the perfect pillowcase for our pillows.

Child’s Pillow Case

In general, a toddler/travel pillow measures about 12 x 16 inches. The pillowcase should have a 13 to 18-inch main fabric with a 9-inch cuff. A pillow that’s bigger than 20 inches is too wide. A pillow that’s 27 inches wide should be too wide as well. Similarly, a king-size pillow should have a 20 to 30-inch Main Fabric and a 15-inch Cuff.

Pets Pillow Case

For most dogs, a standard size pillowcase will do. For larger dogs, you may want to get a king-size pillowcase. Pet pillowcases are thin and won’t require a lot of filling, but if you want to provide additional comfort to your pet, consider using leftover batting from your quilt project. You can also donate pet pillowcases to animal shelters. They are often in need of them, but are unlikely to accept beds or sheets.

Do Pillows Always Need a Pillow Case?

While it is true that you will need to purchase a pillowcase to protect your pillows, you may be wondering which kind of cases fit which types of pillows. There are many types of cases and sizes of pillows, but most are similar in size. The important thing is to find the right one for your pillow. A pillow case should be a few inches larger than the pillow, but not more. This way, you won’t compress your pillow and change the feel or support of your pillows.

First of all, pillow cases are useful because they help to keep your pillows clean. Without a case, sweat and saliva can contaminate the pillow. These substances can lead to allergies, rashes, and infections. A pillowcase keeps these contaminants away from your pillow, allowing you to sleep with a pillow that feels fresher. It also prolongs the life of the pillow. Choosing the right size for your pillow is critical, as you don’t want them to fall out of place or flatten out. And while you can use a pillow without a pillowcase, choosing the correct one is always preferable.

In addition to protecting your pillows, pillow cases help prevent dirt and dust mites from collecting on them. They also protect them from moisture and debris, which weigh down pillows and decrease their performance. As a rule of thumb, you should wash your pillowcases once a week. And if you do not have the time to wash your pillowcases, buy two and alternate between them. If you have multiple pillows, you may want to buy two of them. This will allow you to wash the other when the other one is dirty.


Choosing the right pillow case is crucial for your sleeping comfort. It should not only look good, but also be healthy for your skin and hair. Look for natural fibers. They have better water absorption than synthetic materials, which can worsen skin rashes and allergies. Also, synthetic material will cause your hair and skin to become dry. So, choose natural pillowcases for your pillow. Just make sure to wash them regularly!

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