The Number of Drunk Driving Deaths Per Year Worldwide

The number of drunk driving deaths is staggering. Currently, there are approximately 1.8 million fatal crashes caused by intoxicated drivers per annum. Almost half of these crashes occur in young adults. Sadly, those who were driving when they were intoxicated often die in subsequent accidents. This tragic trend is on the rise around the world, but the causes of these accidents aren’t always clear. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent drunk driving and lower the number of fatal crashes.


One study found that drunk driving caused the deaths of 214 children aged fourteen and younger. That is almost one child per second. However, even if you ignore these statistics, they are still tragic. In 2016, alone, there were 1,233 fatal crashes involving intoxicated drivers. While the number of accidents that were caused by drunk drivers rose by five percent, only 10 percent of those crashes were caused by people who were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Ministry of Transport reports

The Ministry of Transport reports statistics on the number of drunk driving deaths in the United States each month. The statistics include the number of alcohol-impaired drivers killed in crashes each year. They are also reported by gender, age, and the type of crash, including the social costs. The Ministry of Transportation also provides time trends on road traffic death and drunk driving mortality. These statistics are available only for the years 2005 and later, because earlier data is no longer comparable to the data in recent years.


The number of fatal drunk driving crashes is also increasing. According to the Ministry of Transport, the number of deaths from drunk driving crashes has decreased by 30 percent over the last three decades. In fact, there are still a hundred and forty-two children killed each year in crashes involving intoxicated drivers. This statistic is staggering. The statistics are staggering and it is time to do something about it. Just remember that it’s illegal to drink and drive, and don’t drink and drive! It’s a crime to drive drunk and endanger others!

Alcohol-impaired driving

The Ministry of Transport releases statistics on crashes every month. Among the categories it reports on are age and sex. The Ministry of Transport also reports the number of drunk driving deaths per year and the economic cost of alcohol-impaired driving. The statistics are not just a sad fact, but are an accurate representation of the global community. The numbers show that alcohol-impaired drivers are responsible for approximately 10% of all fatal crashes.


According to the WHO, drunk driving deaths per year worldwide have increased by five percent from September to September of this year. Despite the increase, the total number of miles traveled worldwide has fallen by 14.5 percent, and the fatality rate has increased by one and a half times. While this is a staggering number, it is still worth taking action. In addition to the lives lost, the deaths caused by drunk drivers are costly for society.

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