The Most Common Mistakes In Essay Writing

For students who lack confidence in some aspects of essay writing, it might be a frightening experience to sit down and compose an essay. Every day, whether or not we like it, writing is a necessary part of life.

All of us have a fundamental understanding of how to write an essay, from the introduction to the conclusion. But is it really that easy? It’s not, of course. They fear displaying their work to others because they are unsure of their own talents to detect all the areas that require attention.

No one-size-fits-all formula can help you avoid all of your mistakes when writing an essay. This article focuses on some of the students’ most typical errors while writing an essay. If you’re just beginning your studies, you have the opportunity to learn from the errors of others.

Most Common Essay Mistakes

The quality of your essays will improve if you can avoid the faults listed below while writing them.

  Confusion In The Introduction/Conclusion

The thesis statement and major themes should be introduced in the introductory paragraph. Restate your major arguments and rephrase your thesis in your conclusion to wrap things up. It’s amazing how students can make even the simplest aspects of their essays so difficult to understand.

Make a strong start and then a strong finish! It’s imperative that you go over these sections many times until you’re certain they’re perfect.

You can also get help from professionals. They will also provide you comments on your essays, though, if you think you can’t find or address any of these difficulties on your own. You may get aid from a teacher or a private tutor, or you can hire a professional essay writer.

  Run-On Sentences

When a coordinating conjunction connects two sentences, they form a whole sentence. You may recall the most frequent coordinating conjunctions with the abbreviation FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so.

A comma is needed before conjunction unless the two sentences are extremely brief and strongly linked. A run-on sentence is created when a comma is not placed before the conjunction.

  Too Many Passive Structures

The passive voice makes your statements appear more objective and impersonal, but it also makes them lengthier and more difficult to read. In comparison, active sentences are straightforward and concise. To produce an excellent essay, you should utilize both forms of writing.

As a general rule of thumb, the passive voice should be used in fewer than a quarter of your sentences.


There are two forms of repetition that many students do while writing an essay. Arguments and concepts are covered by the first one, whereas the second one covers words. Using the same concepts repeatedly might suggest a lack of understanding of the subject matter.

The only purpose of the soliton is to generate new suggestions. If you find yourself using the same terms often, look them up in a thesaurus or dictionary that you may get online. Avoid repeating yourself by utilizing synonyms that express your idea effectively when writing.

  “British/Australian” English

It is recommended that you spell things using Australian English (British/Australian English) instead of American English. Use’realise’ instead of ‘realize,’ for example. The ‘s’ ends are used in Australian spelling instead of the ‘z’ endings.

If you’re writing a document in British/Australian English, you’ll see ‘these’ single quote marks instead of double quotation marks. American English, on the other hand, performs the exact reverse.

  Spelling Errors

Many internet grammar checkers and document editing services seem like spelling mistakes are no longer a problem. But many of these tools are not meant to fix grammar. Use a spell checker only for serious typos to be on the safe side. Otherwise, go over the document and look for problems manually. Don’t depend just on software to fix all of your errors.

  Coordinative Conjunctions Are Used To Start Sentences

The primary function of coordinating conjunctions is to link words and clauses that are included inside the same sentence. It’s possible to begin a statement with these words. However, if you use coordinating conjunctions to begin a large number of sentences in your essay, it will seem redundant.

In this case, it’s preferable to use a conjunctive adverb with the same meaning, like nonetheless, furthermore, or nevertheless. They are more suited to be used in a more formal setting.


Correcting or avoiding these blunders when writing an academic paper is possible. A well-written essay is one you’re glad to submit to your professor; therefore, it’s important to go through the whole writing process from prewriting to final draft submission.

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