The best gifts you can give your significant other

Being one of the love languages, gift giving is certainly a great way to express your love for your partner. Getting something that you know your partner needs or will cherish just shows your thoughtfulness.

That being said, the list of things you can get for your partner is endless. However, a few of the standard gender-neutral gifts remain timeless.

Custom keychains

If there’s anything that screams “thoughtful” loud enough, it’s a customized gift. You can get custom acrylic keychains, 3D keychains, or even those that have a photo of you and your partner inside the casing. If your partner is forgetful and always forgets where they put their keys, one of those locator keychains will be a great gift for them. The possibilities are endless with this one.

Keychains can be easily considered one of the most overgiven gifts, but they certainly serve the purpose of making your significant other feel loved because their keys are one of the things they will always have on them. A keychain is just another attachment to something they will need throughout the day.

A handwritten love letter

Writing your partner a love letter paired with a small gift like a bar of chocolate or an inexpensive bracelet will certainly make their day. However, your options don’t finish there.

Another priceless gift for your partner would be writing them a bunch of different letters for when they are in different moods. This is one of the most popular gift ideas on Pinterest and is certainly extremely thoughtful. Start the topic with “Open when”. Decorate the letters with as many colors and stickers as you like. After all, it’s supposed to be a symbol of your love.

If you are not the type to express your feelings on paper, you can just fill a jar with different reasons you love your partner or some of your favorite memories with your partner.


Perfume, candles, essences, etc. are just a few of the gifts that fall into this category. If your partner loves scented products, you can get them a whole set of the same scent consisting of perfume, body mist, body lotion, shower gel, and shampoo. This is a gift that a partner of any gender will enjoy.


The best gift for your partner is something thoughtful, no matter what it is. The idea behind a gift is that it shows your love for your partner.

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