Summer calls for straw hats – Read below to catch intricate details of hat styling in summers 

The best time to wear straw hats is in the summer season. It is a much-needed fashion accessory that adds value to your closet. There are countless variants of straw hats in terms of brim, size, and style. If you love quality over quantity, you must go for high-quality straw hats because they are durable and fashionable. Gone are the days when many people used to buy only one hat for all events. Today, people love to experiment with their appeal, so they have a closet filled with hats. If you want to come up with a unique fashion statement, you have to choose your hats wisely. The straw hat in many variants is there to cater to your requirement. Hence, you must feel free to experiment with your look.

  • How well do straw hats bring in sun protection? 

Straw hats provide different sun protection based on the tightness of weave and hole sizes. However, in general, straw hats are the best protective gear against the grinding rays of the sun. They stay in place and are light in weight. Sun protection is incomplete without straw hatsFor maximum security, you can choose high-quality lightweight and breathable straw hats. You have the floppy fedora, no ribbon or ribbon, and no holes or holes hat variants. Hence, there is not one category of a straw hat but many to explore.

  • Do delve deep into these options

Straw hats are available in different variants. The popular straw hats include boater, fedora, Panama, and other options. Originally made from straw, today, you have additional materials for making straw hats. If you want a completely new look for your vacation or casual get-together, you must spend your money on different qualities of straw hats.

The boater hat style

Men of status and style have worn boater hats in history. Earlier, headwear formed a part of the formal suit in the warm weather. The official uniform was incomplete without a boater hat. These are one of the most well known summer hats that have remained in fashion over the years. Typically, coming from stiff straw, boater hats have a distinct appeal and stiff weave with a distinctive brim and crown. Today, various youngsters and Hollywood celebrities try to maintain their boater style with the help of this headwear. Thanks to digital media, it’s easier to understand the classic iconic hat style that will give you a distinct appearance and create a statement appeal. The boater hat style is ideal for your vacation mode and casual get-together. If you are traveling long distances, you can have one of this headwear to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays.

  • The Panama hat fever

The breathability and ease of wear are the reasons behind the growing popularity of Panama hats. These are quintessential vacationers’ headwear. Popularly worn by individuals of style, these headwear go well with a linen suit and formal attire. Panama hats originally came from toquilla straw, which is a natural fiber. Today, you have other materials for constructing these hats. Panama hats are popular among tourists and vacationers because they provide a classic style with sun protection. It’s no surprise that Panama hats’ popularity is due to several characteristic features. If you desire to project an image of style, confidence, and sporty look, you must select a high-quality Panama hat.

  • The center of the show: a unique fedora hat

Most individuals confuse Panama hats with fedora hats. They feel they are the same. However, it is not so. Panama hats come from different materials, whereas fedora hats have a unique appeal. Panama hats come from straw, while fedora hats are usually derived from felt howitstart.

On the other hand, Panama hats are available in distinct shapes and styles. If you look at fedora hats, you will see that they are one of the staple items in the men’s wardrobe. It is a top choice among vacationers and tourists because it is lightweight, easy to maintain, and provides maximum sun protection. Fedora hats with a low crown, moderate widths, and pinched front are perfect sun protection.

  • Floppy beach hat

Women love to amaze everybody with their bikini look. You cannot leave out floppy beach hats when thinking of straw hats clubbed with bikinis. These are popular among women of style and appeal. The broad-brimmed headwear provides maximum sun protection and greatly compliments your style. The brim of this headwear is sometimes more than 10 inches wide. The protection factor of this headwear is above 50, assuring you of breathability and lightweight. Hence, floppy sun hats are available in different variants and help you grab special attention.

If you don’t want to get sunburned and want to enjoy your summer days outside, you can go for any of these inexpensive options. Each can take your look to the next level and safeguard you from unbearable weather elements.

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