Seeing a Doctor After Your Personal Injury Accident? Ask These Questions to Your Doctor!

No matter how minor or major your personal injury accident is, there are chances you may sustain physical injuries. The injuries resulting from a personal injury accident can range from minor to major. Additionally, sometimes even minor injuries can add an extreme financial burden to your existing state. 

If your injuries are severe, you are likely going to visit a doctor to get proper treatment. However, if you feel you are fine, you should still consider getting medical assistance to see if any internal injuries need treatment. 

Portland personal injury lawyer suggests that one should always make sure to ask several questions when you are seeing a doctor. Below we have listed a few questions you must ask your doctor when seeing them after a personal injury accident. 

  • How did my injury occur?

It is evident that your injuries resulted from a personal injury accident. However, there are minor factors that can lead to your injuries. For instance, you slipped and crashed into a stone, or your head banged against your steering wheel. Therefore, it is essential to ask the doctor about the exact reason for your injuries. 

  • What will my treatment include?

Your treatment will depend on the extent of your injuries. If you have incurred severe injuries, you may have to go undergo surgeries. Similarly, if you have incurred minor injuries, the treatment may include medications, physical therapy, and more. Therefore, get a fair idea about what your treatment will consist of.

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  • How will my injuries affect my day-to-day life?

Your injuries may affect your ability to perform daily chores. Moreover, certain injuries can also prevent you from recovering correctly and disrupt your health. So, take proper instructions from the doctor about things you should do and should not recover appropriately. 

  • Can I work with my injuries, or when can I get back to work?

If your injuries are severe, your doctor will advise you not to go to work. You may ask your doctor about how long you need to be off from your work or when you can get back to work. Never get back to your work without considering your doctor’s advice. 

  • Will I need any future medical assistance after recovery?

Certain injuries need medications for a lifetime or years. Ask your doctor whether you will need any future medical assistance after recovering completely. If yes, ask them about the process and medications involved to get a complete idea about your future medical expenses. 

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