Record Meetings with iTop Screen Recorder

It is simple to capture every interest on the screen and play it again whenever desired with a screen recorder. It can be used straight away to report them and play again after a while, whether you are curating your online video education, attending online meetings, holding workplace meetings from home, taking online training, or having video consultations. It has a built-in video editor that can be used to split, crop, and edit recorded videos.

When it comes to the iTop Screen Recorder, there is no time restriction on your recordings, allowing you to capture lengthy or intense segments without worry. The recordings have excellent quality, including 4k, with a full-display screen, window, or specifically designated area. The software can store 2D and 3D video games as well as webcam-overlaid human movies.

Take Notes During Meetings

When a speaker is speaking too quickly to be understood during a web session or online meeting, or when you want to maintain a video of the meetings, iTop is your best screen recorder tool to use because it is free to use, doesn’t have any watermarks, and can record in 4K quality.

Record a Meeting Simply

Its user interface is so straightforward that even someone without technical expertise can use it. He only needs to launch the software and change the recording’s aspect ratio to achieve his goal. For instance, the user can manually adjust the factor ratio to fit the size of the software’s window area if the conference is taking place using Zoom or the Teams app.

  • The user then needs to toggle the Speaker option to report the audio during the conference, which is easily assigned with hotkeys for quick switching.
  • The user can then enable or disable his microphone as necessary throughout the recording.
  • The webcam may then be recorded or turned off with a simple click or hotkeys, making things go more quickly.
  • Finally, the user can select “RECORD,” at which point the software will cover the area for recording, count to three, and begin recording the meeting. All of this can be controlled with only one hotkey.
  • When the meeting is finished, the user can press “STOP RECORDING” as needed to end the recordings right away and make an mp4 file of the recording.
  • Annotations can be used during meeting recordings by users.
  • Users can clip, erase, and split certain segments of the recorded sessions included in the app, which is a feature that many other apps lack.

The Bottom Line

iTop Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder that makes it much simpler and faster for users to report and modify display screen videos.  Download the best screen recorder for PC today and enjoy a stage-up recording.

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