Ranger Point RHINO Picatinny Rails and Henry 410 Magnum Scope Mount

With the release of the Ranger Point Precision RHINO Picatinny Rails, rifle enthusiasts can now improve their accuracy and performance using a high-quality scope mount. This handguard was built from the receiver up to eliminate movement and offer improved bore-to-optic positioning, ensuring the most accurate shooting under the harshest recoil. For a more comfortable shooting experience, consider a RHINO handguard.

Reticle bars

This precision handguard by Ranger Point features a triangular front sight that functions as the primary aim point and is integrated with horizontal elevation notches. Each Ranger Point precision handguard is CNC machined in-house, and features a black anodized finish. The front sight is repositioned to provide a brighter sight picture. The rear dovetail sight is made from 7075 aluminum and features “reticle bars” that resemble a scope. The sights are also adjustable for windage and elevation.

Windage and elevation

This handguard is compatible with both the Henry.30-30 and Henry.45-70 lever-action rifles. It is also compatible with the Henry.410 Magnum shotgun. It is also available with an integrated QD mount. The ranger point handguard can be adjusted in windage and elevation. These rifle handguards are made for long-term use. The Ranger Point Precision Henry.410 Magnum is a great choice for those who need a rifle that will last for decades.

The Henry.30-30 and Henry.45-70 rifles are the most popular and accurate lever-action rifles made by Ranger Point Precision. They also manufacture the Henry.410 Magnum shotgun. The RHINO rails eliminate movement and increase accuracy under the harshest recoil. This handguard is adjustable in height and is made of 7075 aluminum. There are no moving parts on the rails.


The Henry.30-30 is one of the best selling lever-action rifles on the market today. The Henry.45-70 is the company’s most popular model and is a popular choice for many shooters. The ranger.30-30 is a great choice for hunters. The gun is also an excellent choice for people who like to shoot their longgun. They can also add a scope mount to their rifle.

The RHINO Rails

The RHINO Rails from Ranger Point Precision allow you to mount a scope to the Henry. They are a specialized part that is designed from the receiver up. The RHINO rail is a universal fit. The RHINO is a universally compatible product, which allows you to use it with either a scope or a non-scope. The RHINO rails are compatible with all Henry models.

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