Popular Uses of Heat Gun Machine

Technology has led to the mechanization of most human activities and jobs, one of the machines, the hot air gun has been invented to help professionals in the field of painting and craftsmanship to do quality and timely jobs with minimal resource application.

A heat gun machine is an electronic device or appliance used in welding, strip painting and thaw freezing of plastic pipes for easy bending. This is a simple but interesting machine that uses electric energy to produce heat that is used in various daily activities.

Figure 1. A heat gun                 

Features of a Heat Gun Machine

This machine comprises the following parts that are joined and coordinated to make it operate just like a hair dryer; Wattage which is the power of the machine, the power switch variable, a temperature system used for temperature control, airflow setting for making the machine versatile, thermal cut-out used to switch off the machine when it overheats and hanging hook for storage.

The machine has the following uses;

1. Used to loosen old Bolts

Rusting in old bolts and screws may make it too hard to loosen, the use of a heat gun has made it easy to loosen such a bolt through the hot air leading to expansion of the metal and further loosening then enhancing easy removal of the nut.

2. Clearing Up Cars Headlights

There are instances where cars’ headlights become foggy due to weather effects, passing the heat on the headlights will help in clearing the fog hence cleaning the headlight and allowing visibility.

3. Plastic Welding for Cars

Plastic is useful in making most products in Kenya and other regions of the world. In vehicles, some parts like the bonnet are made of plastic. The heat produced by the heat gun is used to mould the plastic and weld it to the desired shape. The heat gun price in Kenya for plastic welding is higher following its numerous specifications for performance.

4. Roasting of Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are only useful when roasted. Putting a heat gun in a metallic container and stirring it using the gun will result in full roasting of the beans.

5. Dry out moist and damp wood

Damp wood will be attacked with mould which results to rot, it is advised to dry off the excess dampness as fast as possible. A heat gun is therefore the solution, with the use of a low amount of heat, you will be sure of preserving your wood.

6. Used in Restructuring PVC Pipes

The heat gun is helpful in the plumbing industry by helping in their fixation and bending to enhance to fit the use. This has enhanced easy water piping and reduced wastages that were occasionally witnessed in plumbing.

7. Remove adhesives

Sticky substances that stick on walls and floors always prove to be very stubborn. A heat gun is a special tool that has been helpful in the removal of substances.

It is therefore worth noting that the heat gun is a helpful hand tool that almost every home should have. Your choice of machine will help you in making all the above numerous uses possible.

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