Popular Magazines and Scholarly Journals

The difference between popular magazines and scholarly journals lies in their content. While scholarly journals are meant for academics, popular magazines are intended for the general public. Articles submitted to popular magazines are written by professional writers and journalists. They are published by commercial presses and generally have content that is more specific and limited. In general, however, they are of the same quality. Read on to learn how to differentiate scholarly and other publications. After all, they are both intended to inform and educate people.

Different kinds of magazines

There are many different kinds of magazines, each of which has its own unique content. Some feature articles that are short, while others are longer. The Atlantic, The New Republic, Science American, The Weekly Standard, and Cosmopolitan are examples of magazines that feature commentary and opinion. Depending on your assignment, you may also find articles that are appropriate for a college paper. Regardless of the genre, there’s something for everyone. You’ll be able to find the right material to complete your paper!

Example of popular magazine


Popular magazines are often published weekly and have an audience that doesn’t have much knowledge of a particular topic. In most cases, they appeal to an educated non-specialist audience. GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Sports Illustrated are examples of popular magazines. To learn how to cite and write for a popular magazine, use the KU Libraries’ Ask a Librarian instant messenger service. In addition to online library resources, KU Libraries’ Ask a Librarian service will help you cite articles and provide MLA formatting.

Great source for articles

Parody periodicals are often a great source for articles on topics that are controversial or highly controversial. They use newspaper format and language to write about stories that are both absurd and interesting. Their main purpose is to entertain and inform. The language used is more casual and conversational, and the stories often cover controversial or unusual topics. If you’re writing for college, you should use these magazines to source your material. When in doubt, consult the MLA format and use KU Libraries’ Ask a Librarian system for help.

scholarly journals

Some scholarly journals require students to cite articles in scholarly journals. Popular journals are also more likely to provide citations if they are published in a scholarly journal. For a research paper, articles in a specialized journal are more likely to be more relevant than those in popular magazines. In addition, a scholarly article should be referenced in a scholarly publication. The articles in a scholarly publication usually contain references to the author.

Acceptable sources

As with scholarly journals, popular magazines are often acceptable sources for research assignments. The articles in scholarly journals contain more original content. These journals also publish more often than one type of magazine. There are many different types of scholarly publications. The articles in a scholarly journal should be cited in APA format. In addition, the citations in a scholarly journal should be in the same style. They should be properly cited in a scholarly article.

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