Physical Therapy Exercises To Help You Manage Your Sciatica

Do you sneeze, and your lower back hurts? Have you experienced shooting pains straight down from your bottom to the thigh? The sciatic nerve may be the cause. According to the Cleveland Clinic, approximately 40% of people in the United States suffer from the condition.

The sciatic nerve begins near your bottom and is the thickest nerve within the body, consisting of five nerve roots. You have one for each side, with each running from the hips to a little below the knee. When inflamed, hurt or pinched, it can feel significantly painful, limiting your activities. However, you do have options to find relief. Don’t let your nerves keep you down. The experts in physical therapy for lower back pain can work with you.

Goals of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on strengthening your muscles and tissue. In particular, the therapist focuses on the injured area, particularly the stomach, butt, legs and pelvis. Your body currently struggles, and the therapist’s job is to try and alleviate the compression and restore more mobility.

Before entering your first session, think about how sciatica proves a challenge in your life and what you need for the treatment. Write it out and talk about it with your pain management doctor. In addition, after discussing your concerns, the therapist also creates personal goals for you.

In general, sciatica therapy may center around assisting with the following concerns:

  • Limiting muscle spasms
  • Allowing for better movement
  • Increasing lower back flexibility
  • Decreasing pain
  • Reducing and preventing future flareups

With this information in mind, the therapist can then craft a set of exercises with 12 pound dumbbells to get you started.

Find Your Physical Therapist

If you’re ready to make physical therapy part of your routine, reach out to your primary care doctor. Talk about the pain you’re experiencing and how it limits your life. The physician may order some tests to determine why the nerve is acting up. In addition, ask for references for specialists in West Norman, Oklahoma physical therapy treatment.

Take those names and ask friends or look online for reviews, seeking places with solid reputations. Review websites to learn about how they care for their clients and the different service.

Call the locations to find out about availability and the cost. Discuss insurance plans, if available and how they work with their clients. Be sure you feel comfortable with the office, get there quickly and find the staff friendly. Stop in to check out the environment and interactions.

Physical therapy demands a close, open relationship with therapists; therefore, find a group that meets your interests and lifestyle. If you’re easygoing, the office should be too. Don’t hesitate to state your goals and wishes during your initial discussions.

Settle your nerves. Those painful episodes could decrease with the right help. Speak with your doctor about your condition and find a physical therapy clinic in Oklahoma City, OK to guide you in your journey. Set goals for your visits and practice your exercises at home. In time, you may experience less discomfort and find yourself moving better.

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