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To generate returns, proprietary trading organizations spend their funds with carefully selected traders. However, it might be challenging, especially for novice traders, to be accepted for a funding trade account. Earn2Trade is an intriguing option because it provides training with the promise of a fully funded trading account upon completing evaluation tests. This review will cover all the bases regarding Earn2Trade, from the trading regulations and profit splits to the withdrawal fees and beyond. Determine if opening an Earn2Trade account with real money is worth it.

What is Earn2Trade?

Traders, instructors, and programmers launched Earn2Trade in 2016 to facilitate access to capital. When you sign up with Earn2Trade, you’ll have access to their services as a recruitment firm for funded investors and an educational provider for those who want to learn how to trade.

The organization issues several challenges designed to test an investor’s trading prowess and capacity to generate consistent profits over a specific time frame. The financed profiles on Earn2Trade are provided by trading firms that are Earn2Trade affiliates.

The company also provides a beginner-level trading course where students can learn about various products, market fundamentals, risk management, and technical trading.

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Insights into the Operation of Earn2Trade

Earn2Trade provides its users with several different tasks to test their trading prowess. Investors who successfully overcome the hurdles will have the opportunity to have a funded account established with one of Earn2Trade’s proprietary company partners (Helios Trading Partners and Appius Trading Limited).

These pre-funded accounts come with a buying power that ranges from $25,000 to $200,000 already put into them (depending on the initial challenge taken). Profits made through the financed profiles are distributed in an 80/20 manner in favor of the traders.

The trading platform provided by Earn2Trade includes various tools that educate and guide users as they take on increasingly complex tasks. These include video tutorials, webinars, trade tracking, adjustable chart styles, depth of market integration, and various other features.

Earn2Trade Offered Challenges

The Gauntlet, the Gauntlet Mini, and the Trader Career Path are the three different challenges available.

Every Earn2Trade challenge has specific guidelines traders need to follow to complete the challenge successfully. The commissions will be set at $2.02 per side for each challenge for all assets. You can switch this over to live commissions by contacting support via email or the live chat feature on their website.

Earn2Trade Platforms & Markets

Earn2Trade is compatible with several trading platforms, including NinjaTrader, Finamark, R/Trader, and R/Trader Pro, as well as Overcharts. During The Gauntlet and The Gauntlet Mini assessments, participants can access free versions of both NinjaTrader and Finamark.


All CME (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX) futures assets, including micros, are available for trading to exchange customers.

Education by Earn2Trade

In addition to the three challenges, Earn2Trade also provides a program called “The Beginner Crash Course,” which consists of sixty videos (lasting between six and ten minutes each) that explain the fundamentals and more advanced topics needed to begin trading. After watching each video, you can evaluate your knowledge with a test.

Along with the challenge programs, you may purchase this course on its own for a one-time fee of $199.20 and have access to it forever*. It’s made for newbie traders. Therefore it’s suitable for those who need more experience.

With Earn2Trade, you can “reset” your package to its original state for a bit of cost. If you’d like to take another crack at the challenges, you’ll need to pony up some extra cash on top of your regular membership price.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to learning and practicing proprietary trading, Earn2Trade is an excellent option for both novice and seasoned traders. Beginners can learn the advanced skills necessary for success in futures trading and start turning a profit with the help of the abundant training resources and support available today.

There are numerous entry points for gaining a funded profile and investing thanks to the three ‘challenges. The 80/20 ratio, which is more favorable to traders, is likewise market-oriented. However, unlike other prop trading services, the maximum initial capital for a funded account is a very low $200,000.

If you’re seeking a safe and reliable approach to funding your trading profile, an Earn2Trade evaluation might be the way to go. You’ll be granted access to the platform if you demonstrate your proficiency through Earn2Trade’s assessment process.


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