Meaning of Magazine in Hindi

The Hindi meaning of magazine translates to “the storage of military supplies.” There are 11 different words for magazine in the Hindi dictionary, with their respective English translations. The Hindi translation of magazine is khaanaa. The word is a noun. The term also refers to a building or room used to store ammunition and other military supplies. It is also the name for a chamber in a gun that is used to automatically feed cartridges.


The English equivalent of the word magazine is ptrikaa. This word means patrika and is also the name for a monthly magazine. If we are to translate the Hindi to English, we have to know what the original Hindi word for magazine is. In English, the term is maigziin. The original meaning is “magazine,” but the meaning of magazine in Hindi is different. Here are some of the most common examples of magazines.

Types of magazines

A magazine is a periodic publication that is printed on glossy or matte paper. It has a wide range of content, such as news and opinion articles, and is generally funded through advertising, the purchase of the magazine, prepaid subscriptions, or a combination of these three methods. There are many types of magazines, including those that cover the arts and sciences. And there are many different ways to define a magazine.

In the Hindi language, the word magazine has several meanings. The word “ptrikaa” means “magazine.” It can refer to a monthly publication, such as a newspaper or a magazine. In addition to the meaning of magazine, it can refer to any periodic publication. Moreover, it can also be used to indicate a periodical publication. Lastly, a periodic magazine is a journal that contains a lot of information and articles.

Glossy or matte paper

The Hindi word ptrikaa means “magazine”. This word also refers to a periodic publication. Unlike a newspaper, a magazine is a monthly publication. It is published on glossy or matte paper. The content of a magazine is usually varied, and its funding is determined by advertising or prepaid subscriptions. In many cultures, it is common to read more than one magazine per month.


A magazine is a periodic publication. It is often printed on glossy or matte paper. It contains a variety of content. It is generally financed through advertising, prepaid subscriptions, or a combination of all three. The definition of a magazine in Hindi is the publication of a periodic periodical. This publication is published on a regular basis and is often based on a specific theme or topic.

The magazine is an annual publication of glossy or matte paper. It is published on a regular schedule and contains a wide range of content. It is normally financed by advertising or by subscription. It is a medium that provides a variety of information and entertainment. It is a popular medium for information, news, and other content. However, it can also be a source of income for magazines. It is used in a variety of situations.

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