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Level up your Instagram by these tools

Instagram has become one of the leading social media apps that online marketers have ever seen in the last few years. It is no brainer why the amazing app having multiple compelling features became the home of over 200 million users. Whereas it is now predicted that solely Instagram will hit 1.2 billion accounts by the end of 2023. 

This is literally something huge that shows where the world is heading to. But what if you don’t know how to use it properly? A number of tools are there like Smihub, that can help you get into knowing more about your account. Besides, if you are someone who is into managing social media for businesses, then behold – we are going to mention some essential tools that will not only level up an Instagram profile but certainly help your client to convert the customers into regular clients. 

Hooked? So without further ado, Let’s talk about them in detail. 

  • Smihub

So the Instagram tool that takes the first position in our list is Smihub. It’s an amazing tool that can be used to secretly view and download the stories, images, reels, videos, and the followers of a specific Instagram account. You just have to copy the URL or paste the username of the account which you want to explore in the search bar of the website – and Voila!! You have all the information in just a click. 

Don’t worry you don’t need to make an account over the website. Just go to and it will do the job. 

  • VideoLeap 

Many times most businesses are stuck in making videos as they take a lot of time. The trend of making short and interesting videos has increased rapidly. This is why you see every other account on social media not only on Instagram, is focusing on making short and interactive videos. 

Videoleap makes it so easy for everyone who spends hours of making, editing, cropping, and dissecting it in the parts to use later. Through videoleap, adding effects, making adjustments (through filters), adding text/stickers/gifs, and separating clips have become easier than ever. You can just have an engagement-driven natural video in just a few seconds. 

  • Pixpa

If you are someone who loves creating art pieces, then Pixpa is a must-have option for you. Pixpa enables you to have a landing page that is connected to your Instagram profile and shows exactly the colorful art pieces like your main account. So why do you need it? Because you don’t need your customers to just look at your artwork and leave the page. You need to make them your customers. Just put the link of Pixpa into your bio as Instagram doesn’t allow you to have links in post captions. Customize your brand as you need at Pixpa and increase the traffic. 

  • Sotrender 

Now let’s talk about Instagram presence. Who doesn’t want to be on the top feed every time when their audience is active? Well, for this you need to know when and how to engage the audience through deep research. And Sotrender is your savior. 

With just a few clicks, it will tell you which post performed well and at what date and time. Of course, you can have the basic information from Instagram insights (a built-in feature) but to go in-depth, Sotrender is a trendsetter.

  •  Inflact

A hashtag is a new currency. It’s the way to success and this is why it gets hard to find that one hashtag that works for your brand. You want to be unique and recognizable with a hashtag that communicates well with your brand and can resonate with the style. This is where the hashtag generator Inflact comes in. It can help you suggest a number of hashtags based on your history or the input. You can also upload an image to the app where Ai will work to suggest hashtags based on the image content.

  • Glorify app 

The last but certainly not the least application is Glorify app. It enables marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and designers to make incredibly aesthetic images for the brand that convert. 

It’s super easy to use the free templates and designs and stand out in the saturated market. Plus, with glorify, you can easily get rid of heavy tools that take up a lot of space in your system leading it to lag. 


To get succeeded on Instagram is surprisingly a hefty task as over a thousand images upload every minute over this single application. So don your account with some simple and easy-to-use tools and get all the attraction you need. 

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