How to Write Creative Essays: a Step-by-Step Guide

Get started from the very beginning.

When you’ve decided on a topic for your creative writing essay, it’s time to be organised so you can write it.

Before you start writing, it is important to organise your thoughts by conducting a thorough brainstorming session first. If you follow this rule, your story will have an introduction, a primary body, and a summary at the end. For more info, please

Make a decision about the core framework.

Determine how your story will start, how it will end, and the events that will occur in between. Also, decide what will occur in the between. What do you think is the most effective technique to present your character to the audience?

How do you plan to put everything to a close? what approach are you going to take?

Make a rough draught of the initial version.

Write down your ideas, and when you’ve done so, review them to see whether or not there are any aspects of them that may be improved. Now would be an excellent moment to get rid of anything in the story that doesn’t add anything to the overall narrative.

The very first action

After you’ve planned out your approach, it’s time to get down to business and start writing your essay. Some authors find it helpful to start with a title and then build their story around the structure that the title offers. For some people, picking a title for the book before they’ve even finished reading it is quite challenging.


This stage establishes not just the characters and the environment but also the connections between the characters.

Foreshadowing may be accomplished by doing something as simple as having a character watch an episode of Quantum Leap while you are writing the novel’s opening. This can be done even if you are unaware of what will occur later in the story celebrities net worth.


This is the point in the story when everything changes. A single occurrence serves as the focal point of the activity. If the police suddenly find themselves stranded in the past with your character, they could speculate that your character is a long-lost relative who is also a ringleader in a criminal organisation.


This is the point when you could start to uncover the answer for your character. How can your time traveller avoid being caught by the authorities so that he can go back to his own era? If he keeps at it, he will eventually accomplish what he set out to do, which is to win the tournament.

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