How to Write an Analytical Essay with Ease

Before writing an analytical essay, students must think and analyze the given topic to craft an excellent piece of writing.

Undoubtedly, essay writing involves incredible writing abilities and analytical skills. It is why students often find it difficult to write an analytical essay compared to other essay types. It requires critical analysis of the given topic.

The writers have to understand the topic, its tone, and how it is written and then comprehend it to describe what they learn from the given piece of writing. To help the students how can they write a masterpiece, we are here!

Analytical Essay:

An analytical essay is a one-level ahead of normal writing. It digs deep rather than scratching and collecting the information from the surface of a particular topic or piece of writing. Analytical writing involves analyzing the given topic; it can be a piece of writing or any other topic that provides in-depth information about the topic to readers.

The analytical essay aims to strengthen your argument by providing enough analysis and arguments to the readers. This type of essay doesn’t use any persuasive language like other types. Your arguments are backed by analysis and facts. Unlike other essay types, analytical writing revolves around the following:

  • A thesis statement has the main argument.
  • Analysis and research of facts that back your argument and point back to the thesis statement.
  • Use examples and an in-depth look at the issue to back your arguments.

It is better to understand the structure and process of writing an analytical essay before starting writing. There are many ways to develop the writing process, and you can search online, go to essay helper, ask your teacher or read our article further, where we break down the whole structure and explain it in a way that is easy to grasp.

Analytical Essay Structure:

Analytical essay structure is the same as the other genres, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. But before initiating the writing process, outline an easy shortlist of all the necessary points and then start writing; below is a brief explanation of the structure.


The introduction includes a brief explanation of the topic and the writer’s main argument in the form of a thesis statement. To make it more effective, include the following in your introduction:

  • A hook statement to engage the reader.
  • A brief explanation of the topic, issue, or text.
  • End your introduction with a thesis statement.


The body is the main part which contains all the main ingredients; it discusses all the main points and analyzes them by backing with facts and valid arguments. The facts and arguments also act like evidence during the analysis process. The body may include the following:

  • Analysis of the main argument in the form of paragraphs.
  • Support your arguments with facts and research material.
  • Use of examples and already facts.


The conclusion doesn’t include the new statement; basically, it’s the repetition of your thesis statement, with a summary of your findings and key points, and ends at giving the final verdict and thoughts about the topic. The conclusion has:

  • Extracts from the thesis statement.
  • Summary and brief of key point’s analysis.
  • Final thoughts.

Important Steps to Draft an Effective Analytical Essay:

A few important steps help create a good analytical piece of writing with in-depth analysis and evidence or facts to back your argument.

Selection of a Topic:

The selection of a topic can make or break your essay’s effectiveness. If the teacher already provides the topic, then it’s well n good; otherwise, choose the topic that revolves and relates to your essay theme and supports your argument. The analysis of the topic is the main and basic structure upon which the main argument is based.

Thesis Statement:

A thesis statement persuades the reader, grabs attention, and makes them stick to your essay. Therefore a good thesis statement is necessary for your essay’s effectiveness; it must reflect the theme of your essay and explain the point you will analyze in your essay.

Research before State Facts:

An analytical essay is all research and facts to support and back your argument while analyzing the topic; therefore, research is an important element in this process. All these research points are explained in the body.

Making Outline and put them together:

Create an outline before starting the writing process, understand the topic, gather the research material, make a rough outline after some brainstorming, then arrange the information and facts in the appropriate order, remove any irrelevant information and start writing them all; this helps in creating an effective, balanced and focused piece of writing.


An analytical essay analyzes the provided topic, using research, facts, and examples to support and back your arguments. It is different from other types as it includes facts, research, and critical analysis of arguments and the topic of the essay. However, some rules can make a good analytical essay. You can find online help if you need it or can ask or consult with your teacher.

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