How to Select the Right CPA Firm for You

Do you feel like your accountant has taken you in the wrong direction? Do you know that it’s time to find a new CPA, but aren’t sure how to go about doing that? Are you ready to hire a new CPA firm but aren’t sure what to look for? If so, read on. This article can help. We understand that there are many different firms out there and all of them will tell you they are the right one for your business. However, not all CPAs operate with the same standards or offer the same services. It is important to know what makes one CPA firm stand out from another when it comes to your business needs and goals. So let’s dive in…

Ask Candidates Questions

While interviewing candidates, try asking questions like: What is your experience working with companies like mine? What makes your firm different than others? What’s your philosophy regarding financial planning? How do you define financial health? What do you consider to be the most important financial metric for my business? What do you believe is the most important action item for my company right now? How do you determine the best course of action for my company? You’re the one that is going to be receiving the services from them, so make sure to ask any questions that are on your mind. If you feel like you might be missing something, don’t be afraid to ask away!

Don’t Hire on Only Price

You may be tempted to hire the cheapest accountant you can find, but this is a mistake. All businesses deserve to work with accountants that are a good fit for them, regardless of price. So don’t rule out firms solely because of the price. Instead, look at the overall quality of the service they provide. You want a firm that will provide the level of service you need, regardless of price. A good place to start is with your current accountant. If they are a member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and are working in accordance with their code of ethics, they are providing you with a good service. If your current accountant is not a member of the AICPA, you should be wary.

Look for a CPA with a Track Record of Helping Companies Like Yours Succeed

It is important that you find a CPA that has experience helping companies like yours succeed. If you find a firm that has experience helping companies like yours, you can be confident that they understand your needs and how to meet them. You can find out what kind of clients they work with by looking at the types of services they provide and reading reviews from clients. You can also ask if they have worked with businesses like yours in the past.

Find Out How a Firm Will Measure Success for You

You want to work with a firm that uses metrics that align with your business goals. Therefore, it is important to know how a firm will measure success for you. This will help you to understand whether or not the firm is a good fit for you. Ask your candidates to walk you through their metrics and how they will help you meet your goals. This will give you a better idea of what to expect from the firm. Be wary of any firm that is vague about their metrics or doesn’t seem to care about your goals and objectives.

Check Out Online Reviews and Ratings for CPAs You’re Considering

Remember, not all CPA firms are created equal. Some firms offer exceptional service and others may be more mediocre. You can often tell which firms are better than others by looking at online reviews and ratings. One thing to keep in mind is that with online reviews, you don’t know if the reviewer is being honest or if they are being paid to write a positive review. Therefore, it is important to look at multiple sources and not rely on buxic one review.

Ask to See Copies of Past Engagement Letters

You want to work with a firm that is confident in their work and able to prove it with a letter of engagement. This letter will outline the services they plan on providing and the cost of those services. It is important to have a letter of engagement from your accountants so that you have an understanding of what they plan on doing for you and what you will be responsible for. Be wary of a firm that is hesitant to show you a copy of the engagement letter. Don’t work with a firm that is not confident in their work.

Be Certain That Any CPA You Hire Is Registered With the ACA

This is important because the ACA offers assurance that the person you hire is qualified and experienced to do the work you need done. So be sure to only work with CPAs that are registered with the CPA firm. You can look for the initials “ACA” after their name to be certain. You can also check the American Institute of CPAs website to see if the firm is registered.


When you find the right CPA firm for your business, you are setting yourself up for success. However, not all CPA firms are created equal. It is important that you find the firm that is the best fit for your business.  If you’re in the Houston area, here is a list of the top CPA firms in Houston for your reference.

When you find the right CPA firm, you will know because you will feel supported, confident in the advice you are given, and you will feel like you are being proactive about the future of your business.

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