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How to Get More Views on TikTok  

TikTok is now an integral part of our young generation, and it is almost unbelievable that it is a relatively new platform. Having an enormous number of active users, TikTok is a fantastic platform to connect with people, especially the younger generation. Engagement is essential for all platforms, but for TikTok, views are a game changer. And the process is simple, if users watch at least five seconds, it considers a view.

Four ways to get more views on TikTok 

If you wonder whether it is possible to earn money for views, the answer is positive. TikTok has launched Creator Fund that rewards their creative and special work if they meet certain requirements. And besides, if you have an amazing engagement, businesses and brands would like to collaborate with you. Therefore you should organically grow your reach to succeed in this platform. To guide you during that journey, we will suggest you four ways that can help you get more views.

1. Use popular hashtags and trending sounds

Hashtags are the most vital part of getting views on this platform. First, it helps an algorithm to understand what your content is about and what audience will be interested in it. Also, hashtags will help users to find and search your content. Find popular hashtags, but ensure that those hashtags are relevant to your audience and niche.

Not only hashtags but also sounds are popular and trendy during a specific time. Use them to have the opportunity to get more views.

2. Write a great and well-thought-out caption

Space for the caption is limited, only 150 characters, which opens a room to attract your follower’s attention. Thanks to the caption, tell your audience what they should see in the video and why they shouldn’t skip it. Also, write captions that invite users to connect and leave their opinions in the comment section. 

Not only keywords but captions also help the algorithm understand the perfect audience for your video.  Captions can help promote a healthcare chatbot or other product in an educational way and also get more views.

3. Work with influencers and create Duets

One of the most powerful methods to increase engagement and have more views is working with other influencers and TikTokers. Invite them as special guests and collaborate. This way, you can create TikTok videos and grow your audience as also views too.  

Another great option is the Duets feature, which can gain views using the power of popular videos and a large following of other creators. It works this way, you share a split screen of others’ videos and start to sing or dance.

 4. Create quality content and share it on other platforms

It isn’t a great discovery, the quality and originality of content are vital for all kinds of social media channels, and TikTok isn’t an exception. Try to be unique and original to entertain and engage your followers. More than that, invest in quality sound and framing too.  Hire a team and students who looking for part-time jobs in London to help you create great content.

If you already have fascinating content, now it’s time to share them on other social media channels too. There is a probability that you have a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Therefore optimize your TikTok content for these channels, share and get more views.


If you have already started to work on TikTok, your job is to get great engagement and get views. First of all, use hashtags and trending sounds to help the algorithm and users find your content. Work with other creators to get engagement from their audience. And prioritize the quality of content, and share them with other platforms too. These steps will guarantee your high engagement and views on TikTok.

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