How To Edit Influencer Marketing Videos Like A Pro?

Social media is a great marketing opportunity today. More than 90% of marketers use social media in their marketing strategy, revealing its commendable role. Influencer marketing is a happening thing now as these influencers can reach a wide population which traditional marketing cannot. Many companies spend half of their marketing budget on influencers is a point worth noticing.

As an influencer, it may be an easy task to capture good footage, but presenting it requires more than that. Yes, good editing skills can create magic in your videos. Editing makes your video compelling to watch. A well-edited content can soon become viral as more people love to share it. Viral influencers are rocking social media these days.

Don’t worry if you are a novice in editing. We have you covered with the following tips on editing your marketing videos. 

Create A Perfect Editing Plan

Planning your editing is a crucial step that needs attention. A meticulously planned editing will include all the aspects that are important to the viewer. Don’t miss this step if you want to influence people and make your videos look professional.

Are you a newbie and trying to figure out what goes into the planning stage? Let’s get it detangled now.

  • The primary goal of your video should be addressed. Determine this first so that it becomes easier to create and edit videos. It also depends on the type of platform you use and the products you endorse.
  • Checking the audio quality before you start editing should also form part of the plan. Noise cancellation can be made while editing the videos. 
  • Trying to include subtitles if you want a global reach for your marketing videos should also form a part of the editing plan.
  • Visualising the final video and making way for final edits is another step in planning.  

Include Cutting On Action Technique For Transitions

Cutting on action is a fantastic technique that is used in editing. This can be used for creating transitions for you. A sense of fluid and continuous movement creates interest in the viewers. This is useful for platforms like Instagram, where influencer reels are flooding each hour.

In this editing technique, you cut and join two different actions that create a great impact. You have several free and paid Online Video Editor that helps in creating wonderful transitions.

This technique also helps highlight some components of the video by freezing and focussing on them.

Invest in a Good video editing software

A good video editing software can make a huge difference in the videos you create. They help you adjust the sound, brightness, and other special effects. 

Many tools are available online for free. But if you want to deliver a professional video, it is good to invest in high-end software. Alternatively, you could also engage a professional video editing service. 

When you scroll through the social media platforms, you can find many influencer marketing videos, but many of them are unedited and look unfinished. To avoid ending up like this kind of video, you should take care and have editing software. A beautifully edited content can achieve the influence you want to create.

Make Videos According To The Platform

You have many social media platforms where you can upload your marketing videos. Depending on the platform, you should decide on the length of the videos. Research says that the first few seconds are the most important in a marketing video. Your campaign wins when your viewers can connect themselves in these few seconds. 

The videos may be a little longer on YouTube, whereas Instagram prefers short and crisp videos of less than 60 seconds. 

Editing plays a crucial role in eliminating the non-essential parts of the video to make it short and compelling. 

Include Subtitles

Your marketing videos are intended to have a wide reach across the globe. In this case, language should not play havoc. Many times, we have seen comments where people say they love the content but since they are unable to understand the language, they aren’t able to relate to it. 

While editing, you should consider including subtitles so that anyone can understand the content. It also helps people who have challenges in hearing. If your marketing video is aimed at any particular geography, you should edit it to include subtitles in the specific language. 

Light effects and brightness adjustments

After you are done creating the video, look to see if the lighting is good. Editing is when you can adjust the lighting effects to make your videos look spectacular. 

Do you know that the colour and lighting effect can influence the viewer’s mood? Many video editing tools help you adjust brightness and create light effects effortlessly. Make sure you make judicious use of such software and always be alert not to overdo it. It may lead to distraction as viewers may feel irritated.

Edit videos according to compatibility

How do you decide if your video will have a horizontal or vertical orientation? It depends on the device and the platform where it is hosted. While editing, care has to be taken as to the size, aspect ratio and format of social media where the video will be featured. 

For example, a square video format is good to watch on a smartphone. If the video is intended to be as such, it can be shot with a mobile phone or adjustments can be made at the editing stage to fit the screen. 

Wrapping up

You must now be clear about what makes perfect editing so that it connects with the viewers. Editing is considered time-consuming but is worth the effort. You also have many tools to make your work simple. 

You have to keep in mind the content, the brand you are endorsing, and how viewers want the content featured. With little training, editing can become an easy task that you can manage alone. Come up with creative ways to produce stunning videos. 

With the help of the tips mentioned, you could be the one that is trending on social media next. 

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