How to choose and select standard steel

JIS G3444 round steel tubes for house structure Or the structure of a knock-off house, there are 2 levels of quality: STKR400 and STKR490, white type, JIS G3466, square and rectangular steel tubes. For structural work, there are 2 levels of quality: STKR400 and STKR490, type four white, specify the manufacturer’s name or the factory that made it. or registered trademark

Note : To guarantee trust in the choice to fabricate another home. Peruse more We have data on building a house.  Allow you to peruse and do more research.

Specify size, thickness, length, remarks, no markings or labels. considered to be iron “Not JIS standard”

Note: Galvanized steel sold before Mar. 2020, there is no TIS standard to certify .. just like black steel.

  • There are two types of galvanized steel:

  1. Pre-Galvanized is a galvanized steel sheet that is folded and formed.
  2. Hot dip-galvanized is a folded black steel sheet. and galvanized

2.2.2 Cold-formed structural steel TIS 1228-2549 (2006)

mark and label Steel structure, every piece of steel that will be used to build a house. At least there must be numbers, letters or notices. The following details are easy to see, clear and not easily erased.

  • Quality class by specifying the word “SSC 400”.
  • Size, thickness, length and mass per meter.
  • Name of manufacturer or factory or registered trademark In the case of using a foreign language, the meaning must be the same as the Thai language specified above.

Remarks There is no notice mark or label. considered to be iron “Not TISI standards.”

TIP. C-section steel without TIS. There is no TIS symbol and has a smaller cross-sectional size. If you have seen a comparable example, you will immediately know whether it is TIS steel or not.

*** Caution when buying structural steel “Non-TIS standard” affects size, thickness, mass and weight that is not standardized. Steel bends, bends, are not square when used for construction. It may affect

  • The strength of the structure is reduced.
  • Shorten the service life.
  • Make the technician work more difficult. waste of wages
  • Decreased beauty. because it is a workaround
  • Problems after use such as leaking roof.

2.3. Where can we buy standard steel?

2.3.1 Construction materials department stores such as Global House, Do Home, Mega Home, Thai Watsadu, which are sources of quality and cheap steel. Suitable for newbies who learn to buy steel because they have a large warehouse. We can walk in and see the steel freely with clear signs indicating the type, size, thickness, weight, price.

2.3.2 Large-scale steel shops in each province, large-scale steel shops are cheaper than small-scale steel shops in the districts. because it is a wholesale shop and has standard steel Sold in large quantities, but the purchase It is different from building materials shopping malls such as Global House. We cannot walk freely in the warehouse because there are no signs indicating the type, size, and price.

If you want to buy steel, you must contact the salesperson in front of the store. and check product prices with staff before ordering **In the event that if we are newbies, we may not call the name of steel, type, size, thickness, not correct, causing problems in ordering.

TIP. Because in rural areas, steel is used mainly from low prices. causing the shops in the district to sell grade B / light steel. No TIS. Size is not standard. The steel cross-section is smaller than usual.

TIP. Understanding when buying iron for beginners can be misunderstood. Because the language of engineers and architects will be called different terms from contractors and shops, such as 1 inch = 25.4 mm. Square steel. The symbolic language reads: 25x25x2.0x6000 mm. which 25 mm. is less than 1 inch, but the language spoken by technicians to make it easy to call that steel box 1×1 inch

TIP.Measure the steel size to use. The value of the steel symbol instead of the spoken language, otherwise it is misunderstood that it is not full steel or wrong specification (this is most homeowners do not know)

As for if it is a large job of a government agency an engineer will use weight control steel quality again Because steel sold in the market does not always have cross-sectional dimensions and full thickness, there will always be positive or negative deviations according to the quality of the manufacturer.

Summary of methods for viewing and choosing standard steel

C steel, TIS, see steel invoice Look at the symbol on the side of the iron. Look at the shape of the steel, not twisted, forming a beautiful shape. There is 1 standard, namely TIS, TIS. 1228-2549, remarks, no notice or label indicating considered to be iron “Not TISI standards.”

TIS steel box (full) see steel invoice Look at the symbol on the side of the iron. Look at the shape of the steel, not twisted, beautiful forming

There are 2 standards: – TIS, TIS 101-2533 – JIS Remarks, there is no notice mark or label indicating

considered to be iron “Not standardized” ***You can buy it at any large steel shop. by province

Remark : TIS is Thai Industrial Satandard

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