How to bet on martial arts and MMA

It’s time to move from theory to practice. We will tell you how to choose a bookmaker and register with it, how to analyze fights in such a way as to make accurate sports bets, and what can prevent you from making money on betting.

Bookmaker selection and registration

In case of problems with money or bets in illegal bookmakers, there will be nowhere to turn for help – they are illegal. For this reason, it is better to play with legal bookmakers, whose decisions can be challenged by legal methods. Here’s how to start betting with these betting companies, using 1xBet as an example.

Create an account on the 1xBet website. Click on the “Register” button at the top of the site – a window will appear, enter your personal data, email address and phone number in it.

An email with an account number and a link to confirm registration will be sent to the email, and a message with a code will be sent to the phone: remember the account number and the entered password, follow the link within three days, and enter the code from SMS in the registration window (lower left field in the screenshot just for that);

Make a bet on the site of the office. In the horizontal menu on the top or in the vertical menu on the left, find the type of martial arts you need, select the event you are interested in and click on the odds or bet name – it will appear in the coupon on the right. Enter the amount there and click “Place a bet”.

Underwater rocks

The last thing you need to know before you start betting on martial arts is the pitfalls. They can interfere with regular earnings, so it’s better to be aware of possible problems in the UFC in advance:

  • There are few major tournaments in any kind of martial arts, they are rare, and a lot of time passes between fights. It’s simply not possible to constantly receive income from fights, so it’s worth taking a closer look at other sports;
  • Due to the long breaks between fights, statistics in martial arts is not as important as in those sports where athletes perform more often, although the favorite of the fight in most cases still wins;
  • For the same reason, popular betting strategies cannot be used. For example, underdog catch-up bets can stretch for months or years if the same lifter is selected each time;
  • Bookmakers are usually not very well versed in martial arts, so they insure themselves with low betting limits. They can also limit successful players, but this is unlikely to happen in conditional boxing – there are very few fights;
  • In different types of martial arts, they follow their own rules, tournaments in them may also differ in some details: for example, in the American ones, clear restrictions are set, and in Asian fighters have more freedom in action.

Many people like boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts – so they bet on their favorite athletes and try to guess the round in which their opponent will fall. And although for professional bettors this is not the best choice for constant earnings, it is still possible to get some money on big fights – follow our advice.

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