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How Do I Find Guest Post Opportunities?

How do I find guest post opportunities? There are a couple of methods that can be helpful when it comes to finding such opportunities. First, you can browse through blogrolls and competitive research to find the websites that have similar topics and audiences to yours. You can also try Craigslist and Reverse engineering the competition to see if they have any openings. Ultimately, it’s a matter of developing rapport with the site owner and finding out whether they’ll accept your guest post vodkatoto.


Once you have a few potential blogrolls, search for them using keywords related to the topic of the post. This will bring up a few pages and give you a good idea of who accepts guest posts. Using the same keyword variations will also bring up a large number of potential sites that accept guest posts. In addition to using keywords related to your niche, you can also search for a specific blogger’s name and website to find sites that accept guest posts livinggossip.

Competitive Research

One of the most overlooked tools for guest posting is LinkedIn. If you’re a professional in a particular field, you’ll likely be connected to people in the same industry as your own. Unlike other websites, LinkedIn users don’t get inundated with requests, so you’re less likely to overwhelm them. But, you can also find websites that accept guest posts by searching for their author pages. By doing so, you can build a master list of sites that accept guest posts pstviewer.

Reverse engineering the competition

Before you start to search for guest post opportunities, you’ll need to know which of your competitors are generating the most traffic and sales. This is known as reverse engineering. First, find out which keyword phrases they’re targeting. Then, find out which steps they took to reach their goals. You can use tools like Mos. to help you do this. Ideally, you’ll find 3-5 competitors who consistently rank in the top positions.

Reverse engineering is the process of dissecting content to find its best parts. The goal is to create a unique and targeted piece of content for your audience. One good tool to use is Buzz Sumo. This website allows you to type in a keyword and display articles that have been shared on social media the most. Once you’ve found these, you can contact them and request a guest post.


If you don’t have a blog, but know of a blog owner who is looking for guest posts, you can ask him to post something on his blog. You can also use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to find blog owners. You can e-mail your friend’s contacts or second-tier connections and ask them to post something on their blog. However, this method may be less effective than sending e-mails to a large number of people. Craigslist and Facebook messages are less direct and more opportunistic than this, so don’t expect to hear back right away.


One of the benefits of Craigslist is that you can easily advertise your website without spending a lot of money. You can place an ad for free or pay a small fee for the privilege. However, make sure to check the etiquette box before posting anything. Craigslist may block your ad if it looks spams. In addition, the site can suspend your account if it finds your posts have too many similar posts. Be sure to use unique wording in your ads to ensure that you get the best possible exposure.

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