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The commercial behavior of our clients, our intermediaries and prescribers, and our competitors thus becomes one of the main keys to the profitable success of companies. If we are able to get to know it thoroughly, we will already have a lot to gain in relation to the concretion in our favor of the preferences of our clients. Social networks, although used to expand information and detect opportunities, still have a long way to go. 30% of the commercial force uses social networks for this purpose in an integrated way in the system, 25% does so in an unstructured way and 45% does not use social networks to generate business opportunities.

Numerous studies show that the use of Social Networks in the commercial process has a strong impact on sales. As an example, a Forbes study estimates that 78% of sales professionals who use social networks achieve better results than those who do not.

6 Foolproof Tactics to Improve Customer Relationships

1. Anticipate their Problems

To effectively respond to demands and improve the customer experience at your branches, the level of knowledge you have of them and the fact that you can anticipate their concerns and/or problems are essential. This is where it becomes necessary to develop constant communication mechanisms that allow you to obtain data and information to get to know your customers in depth, know their opinion, their needs and their concerns. The key then is to predict their behavior and meet their expectations based on the information you have from listening to them. Knowing and responding to their concerns in advance will be directly reflected in a positive perception of your company.

2. Turn Your Customers into Your Promoters

Customer loyalty not only results in a higher level of sales but also in a good communication strategy, since a loyal customer is always the best advertisement for your company. The satisfaction of your customers is the best way to expand your target market. Feeling valued, satisfied and cared for over time, they will not hesitate to recommend you to third parties. And if you manage to combine an adequate quality of customer service with products that meet expectations, rest assured that it will be reflected in profits and progress.

3. Promote Frequent Contact with Your Clients

In the age of immediacy, customers need to know that they can contact you when they want and how they prefer, if they ever need it. And being at their disposal through the different communication channels is the best tool you can count on to improve their experience and the relationship you maintain. Fortunately, technology and advances in communication are making it easier for us to keep in touch. Take advantage of all the resources we have: social networks, applications, messaging services, etc., to maintain a fluid and constant dialogue with your customers. In some special days, you can give them special hampers.

4. Empower Your Team in the Task of Improving the Relationship with Customers

As we have already mentioned, thanks to the Internet, customers are increasingly more autonomous and have more information, so a watertight service or problem-solving script will no longer be enough for your team representatives. The expectations of each client can change suddenly and for this there must be a prepared and empowered team. The purpose of empowering your team is to equip them with knowledge, with the aim of providing them with practical and effective tools to optimize their work and contact with customers.

5. Offer Immediate Answers

Along with anticipating problems, responding immediately to any need makes the difference between successful businesses and those struggling to keep customers. Take advantage of all the tools and technologies that optimize the speed of response, since the result when it comes to improving customer relationships is exceptional.

6. Take Advantage and Use Technology in Your Favor

The world lives in constant evolution and to be competitive it is necessary to adapt to changes. Fortunately, technology and advances in communication increasingly make it easier for us to contact and create a bond with customers. Therefore, your task will be to have platforms, software and technological tools that offer a better service to your clients and prospects.

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