Finding a dedicated injury lawyer for your motorcycle accident claim

There’s much confusion after a traffic mishap. Whether you were outside the city limits or were driving peacefully in your neighborhood, getting involved in a motorcycle accident can be traumatic. No matter the circumstances, you must focus on three essential things. Before anything else, get medical help by calling 911. Next, call the police and wait at the scene (unless you need to go to the ER), and as the last step, call a motorcycle accident lawyer. In Georgia, firms like offer free consultations for potential clients, which could be a great place to start. In this post, we are sharing fundamental tips for choosing an injury lawyer.

  1. Consider how you feel about the first meeting. As mentioned above, you can meet an attorney and discuss your motorcycle accident case in detail. A good and experienced lawyer knows that clients often have repetitive questions but will choose to answer anyway. You need to feel comfortable talking to the attorney.
  2. Discuss specific experience details. Does the lawyer or law firm deal with motorcycle accident claims in particular? What are some of the recent settlements? Does the lawyer have experience handling claims that are comparable to yours? Every type of injury claim is unique, and therefore, relevant experience is essential.
  3. Know the prospects. Lawyers often need time to investigate a motorcycle accident, and therefore, there is only a little they can share from the initial facts. However, a proficient lawyer will never lie or set high standards. Thanks to years of work, lawyers can usually give an overview of what to expect from the case.
  4. Ask about trial expertise. While most motorcycle accident claims in Georgia are handled outside of court through insurance, some may require a trial. If you are hiring an attorney, it is better to be sure that they are experienced and well-versed in representing clients in court. Trial experience is not very common but is a pertinent factor.
  5. Ask about the expenses. Your attorney should explain the cost of doing business, such as expenses related to investigating the motorcycle accident claim and hiring experts. They must also mention the contingency fee and what they would charge for the case after you win, which shouldn’t exceed 33% for most situations.

Lastly, ask the lawyer how you can communicate with them and get updates, as it can take months to recover compensation for your motorcycle accident claim.

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