Few Reasons for Getting any Handheld Shower Head

As per the National Geographic Channel, the average person takes over 28,000 showers throughout their lifetime. Consider switching to any handheld showerhead instead of settling for a regular shower setup to get the maximum out of your shower experience.

All these handheld units include a longer rubber hose that fastens to your certain shower wall and can be quickly removed for controlling the water spray exactly where you prefer it. These showerheads provide an easy solution for eco-conscious consumers to save both water and also energy without sacrificing any water pressure required to keep you comfortable and clean.

Best of all, these units can be installed just like a standard fixed showerhead, without the need for substantial demolition or refinishing.

What a certain handheld showerhead is?

A handheld showerhead (also known as an adjustable showerhead or a shower spray unit) is made up of a flexible, and long hose with a certain showerhead on one end while the other end remains connected to any nearby water source, such as a normal showerhead, tub spout, or sink faucet.

You can always buy any shower head with hose from Declinko, which can supply you with all kinds of modern bathroom fittings and accessories. Let us explore a few good reasons why you should prefer a handheld showerhead.

1. Keep the shower clean

If you are too busy to clean the shower on a daily basis, a handheld showerhead may help you wash and also rinse away any soap scum whenever you have the time. These devices let you rapidly spray down your walls before washing, then rinse them to restore the appearance of your grout and tile.

2. Have a spa-like experience even at home

A handheld showerhead will also help you direct water where you require it in the shower, making it more enjoyable. No more scrubbing shampoo out of your long hair or searching for crusted soap in hard-to-reach areas hours even after your shower is finished; instead, create a spa-like experience.

3. Clean kids

These handheld showerheads are especially ideal for children who are often put off by the strong spray and noise of a normal shower. A certain handheld showerhead offers children control and can also help them get acclimated to showering independently. It also allows parents to rinse and wash their child’s hair while also keeping soap much away from their faces.

4. Water conservation

Fixed showerheads waste a lot of water and also your money while you are showering. Use a certain handheld showerhead to send water only where exactly it is needed to save water and keep your costs in check.

5. Better Control meant disabled and elderly

Handheld showerheads serve people of every age, but those with restricted mobility will gain the most from such technology. While fixed showerheads are not possible to be lifted or lowered, however, most handheld ones have a hose that extends between 3 and 6 feet.

These showerheads have a long hose, making them a suitable option for people, who need to utilize a shower seat due to arthritis, injury, or other physical issues.

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