Eye surgery affects your appearance. 

The ideal eye for eye surgery The ideal size of the eyes should be the same length and between the eyes, that is, the beautiful woman’s eyes must have the eye length and the distance between the eyes 3 cm, and the distance between these eyes must be equal to the width. of the wings of the nose

If the head of the eyebrows, the head of the eyes, and the wings of the nose are aligned in a straight line, then the brows, the tail of the eyes, and the wings of the nose should also be in a straight line. The corners of the eyes should be slightly tilted up. Approximately 5 degrees higher than the head of the eye, 1 – 1.5 millimeters across the eye layer, so it is considered a beautiful, balanced eye. Well, open the drawer, take out the protractor and measure your own eyes.

I want to have beautiful eyes like this

1. Bright eyes sparkling like a Barbie doll.

Barbie eye surgery

because eyes can’t hide feelings. What is reflected in the eyes thus tells everything in that person. Eyes play an important role in determining the first impression. Puffy eyes and puffy eyelids make them look dull or sleepy. The drooping corners of the eyes make them look sensitive and honest. On the other hand, if the corners of the eyes are droopy, they make them look sad and lack confidence.

80 percent of people who come to the hospital to discuss eye surgery say I want my eyes to grow In order to make the eyes bigger, the main methods are double eyelid surgery, incision in the incision, and incision in the incision. Double eyelid surgery will make the eyes grow by 20 percent, but most people will not be satisfied with this. and often open the eye and the outer corner of the eye as well

When ophthalmic surgery, the eyes will look bigger because the eyelids that cover the inner corners of the eyes have been cut off. Especially if an incision is made with an ophthalmic opening as well. However, after an ophthalmic surgery, there is a 50-70% chance that the skin around the brow will heal back as before.

To solve the problem of eye opening surgery At present, the technique is used “Non-stick eye opening surgery” by using sutures to pull the eyelashes around the upper eyelashes up 3 millimeters without incision. The corners of the eyes will be longer and maintain their shape without seeing the edge of the eyes. redness or scarring and the eyes will look naturally enlarged over time

If you have “bags under the eyes like a barbie” 3 millimeters thick at the bottom of the eyes as well, eyes will look bigger and sharper. People with sagging eyelids that cover their eyes Can make the eyelids come back tight with eye correction surgery. This will help to see the whites of the eyes more. and make your eyes look bigger

How to make eyes look like a barbie doll

How to make your eyes look 3 times bigger! Just using a few tools like eyeliner, false eyelashes, etc., you can make your eyes look like Barbie.

  1. Create smiley eyes by applying brown eyeshadow on bags under the eyes.
  2. Use your finger to spread the brown eyeshadow on the eyelid from the center of the eye to the corner of the eye. Highlight the bags under the eyes to make them look bigger.
  3. Apply gold highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes and bags under the eyes. Apply a wide, straight line highlighting on the corners of the eyes to make the eyes look bigger.
  4. Apply pink eyeshadow to the triangular corner of both the upper and lower lash line. Then use your finger to spread.
  5. Use gel eyeliner to draw a thin line at the corner of the eye and make it thicker around the corner of the eye.
  6. Apply false eyelashes on the short side of the eyelashes at the corners of the eyes. and attached to the side of the long eyelashes around the eye
  7. Curl false eyelashes and real eyelashes together. Then apply mascara on all the eyelashes.
  8. Naughty eyes like a cat’s eye xotic news

cat eye surgery Long, oval, cat-like eyes are charming and sexy.

If you want to have eye surgery to look like a cat’s eye, you will need to open your eyes as well. An incision is made to remove the lids that cover the eyes. It will help your eyes look longer and brighter. even without double eyelid surgery Tips to make your eyes look beautiful even in the dark is a smokey eye makeup and fill in the head of the eye like a cat’s eye

how to do cat eye makeup

  1. Write thick and long eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye.
  2. Fill the head of the eye in the shape of a pointed triangle.
  3. Apply brown eyeshadow on the lower lash line.
  4. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes.
  5. Cat’s eye makeup done.

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