Etoro Review: All the Facilities for Accounts and Research

The discovery page, search bar, and home screen all offer stock and ETF searches for traders. In order to decide whether to use the CopyTrade feature, which automatically copies popular traders, traders can choose from a menu of available coins or check the portfolios of other investors for crypto assets.

The majority of expert investors would require specific trading functionality, calculators, and tools like those found on eToro in order to execute advanced trading strategies. Tools for planning and screening are also virtually nonexistent.

The eToro Club, on the other hand, has five distinct site tiers that, as you advance, gradually access more news and research opportunities. The deposits vary from $5,000 to $250,000, and the tiers are Silver, Gold, Rhodium, Platinum+, and Diamond.

The typical, comprehensive stock screener that lets you filter by price-to-earnings ratio, market capitalization, and other factors is not available on eToro review. It does, however, include a list of the top daily movers that may be further sorted by industry or exchange. With a percentage of persons buying listed, filtering the list will also show the mood of platform users. The biggest movers can also be added to a watchlist.

Charting Through the use of ProCharts, a technical instrument of the highest calibre, eToro offers charting capabilities. By presenting line, bar, and candle charts, this charting function aids in your analysis of an asset’s performance and historical trends. You may compare the performance of multiple charts by viewing them on the same screen with ProCharts.

Users of ProChart can filter their data by price or time interval. The chart screen also offers some more complex tools, such as accumulative swing index and fibonacci retracement. Direct trade placement is possible from the desktop chart for users. However, one significant flaw is that eToro’s charting software does not include volume analysis, a crucial part of technical market analysis.

Idea Generators for Trading

The whole range of trading idea generators at eToro is offered by CopyTrade. Users can find, follow, and imitate trades made by investors who share their interests and objectives. Only cryptocurrency is compatible with this function.

Third-Party Studies

TipRanks, a top provider of current advice from qualified analysts at investment banks and financial firms worldwide, powers the third-party research conducted by eToro.

Management of Cash

The platform’s answer to cash management issues is eToro Money. You can use this tool to deposit and withdraw money, send and receive money quickly, and store cryptocurrency.

Plan for reinvesting dividends in a fraction (DRIP)

Dividends handed out on the site are not automatically retained in your account, despite the fact that eToro allows for fractional investing. If you own shares in a stock or ETF that pays dividends, eToro will credit the dividend payment to your cash balance.

Research amenities for SRI/ESG

Over 2,000 assets on the marketplace have ESG scores (environmental, social, and governance). This information is particularly evident on eToro, where you can see various color schemes and a rating based on how closely an asset adheres to ethical principles. When looking for assets, you can use a filter to screen for ESG and socially responsible investing (SRI) aspects.

Investment Analysis

Particularly when compared to rival sites, eToro offers a meagre amount of portfolio analysis. There isn’t much in the way of additional analysis outside of charting features, despite the fact that current balances and positions are plainly visible. The charting tools on eToro are acceptable, however they offer you a better feeling of performance rather than pointing out potential modifications to your portfolio.


In terms of pricing, eToro generally provides a transparent platform, but falls short when it comes to execution data. The price of cryptocurrencies is stated openly as 1% of all trades. Trading stocks and ETFs is free, albeit some ETFs may have additional costs of their own. Additionally provided are spreading pricing and payment for order flow (PFOF) data. Customers might not be instantly aware that they cannot move funds from the wallet over to the eToro trading platform.

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