Do You Have a Private Road? Some Essential Things to Know 

Do you know what a private road is? Assuming that you already have one, we will still discuss it with someone who is planning to get one. Unlike public roads, a private road is a space that a limited number of people can use. Public roads are maintained by the government, which anyone can pass and have the right to access. When creating a private road for themselves, most people focus on a written easement. However, the written easement is not necessary, and a private road can be created without the support of this document. You can record the subdivision plan of your property where the private roads are shown, which might provide the lot owners with a different approach to the easement. In this article, we will discuss some essential things about private roads.

What Are the Differences between Class VI roads and Private Roads?

Even though the private and class VI roads might seem different, they are similar from a couple of perspectives. Municipalities are not responsible for maintaining either of these roads, and this is where the similarity ends. Anyone can access the class VI roads. However, in the case of private roads, only a handful of people have permission to access them. Municipalities can permit off-highway recreational vehicles as well as snowmobiles to be used on class VI roads. However, they have no such authority over the public roads, and they cannot implement anything without letting the owner know. Municipalities also have a small amount of power over the class VI roads.

Can You Get a Permit for the Private Roads?

If you manage to follow the relevant steps, you will be permitted to build a private road. The American government allows people to build private roads as long as they follow the specific rules and fulfill the designated paperwork. As per Ruple properties, private roads provide more privacy. If the private roads are shown on the official map of the government and municipality or shown on a street plan or subdivision plan supported by the approval board, you can satisfy the requirements. If not, then you need to focus on the government’s approval with proper input from the relevant planning board. You also need to showcase the terms in writing that the municipality of government is not responsible o maintaining the private roads or be liable for any type of injury.

How Can You Protect Your Private Road?

After getting the government’s permit, you can easily contact a developer to build the private road. However, you also need to ensure that you’re preventing the public from accessing your private roads. You cannot put a fence around it as it will seem meaningless. Your only option is to inform people about the private road, and nothing is more effective than a not a thru street sign for this job.

These signs will tell the public that the road is private and they don’t have the authority to access it. These signs are durable and made of water-resistant materials.


This is everything you need to know about private roads. What are your thoughts? Make sure you contact us if you have any confusion anxnr.

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