Dakimakura Pillow: What You Need to Know About Its Advantages and Features

Most often, individuals think about their beds and neglect their pillows. This is a terrible idea, and it may even cost you money since you may buy a new mattress when all you needed was a new pillow. Pillows, like beds, alleviate pressure points and provide extra support. Thanks to them, you may have peace of mind knowing that your head, neck, and shoulders will be in proper alignment with your spine. The support provided by a custom body pillow is superior.

Dakimakura Pillow Characteristics

A Dakimakura cushion is immediately recognizable. These are some telling signs:

The only downside is that there are only three sizes to choose from.

Characters from cartoons, graphic novels, and video games. They sometimes include photographs of actual individuals. Show two different facets of your personality. This cushion has artwork from both the character’s front and back.

Justifications for Investing in a Dakimakura Cushion

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of anime or manga, there are still a few good arguments for purchasing a Dakimakura cushion. A Dakimakura cushion is a must-have if you’re an anime fan, and you likely are. Having this cushion on hand may help in a number of ways:

Healthier Bodies

The perfect level of back, neck, and knee support for correct posture.

Eases sore muscles and throbbing headaches

Healthful spinal alignment benefits patients with “Fibromyalgia” and similar diseases.

It does a great job of relieving pressure on the back and tummy, two areas that tend to suffer during pregnancy.

It improves blood flow as you sleep, particularly in your legs and ankles.

Extra Advantages

Comfort:¬†These Dakimakura pillows may bring emotional consolation like a childhood doll, or a treasured blanket did. They’re plush and fluffy, decorated with your favourite anime character. You may get some much-needed comfort by snuggling up with one of these pillows and pretending to embrace the character depicted on it.

Aesthetic Value: Dakimakura cushions are perfect for sprucing up your bed with an additional dose of adorableness. Having a kind and sweet anime character look up to you is the most endearing thing ever.

Dakimakura Pillows: A Buying Guide

Keep these helpful tips in mind the next time you shop for anything. Consider these points while shopping for your next Dakimakura pillow:

There are three different sizes of Dakimakura cushions and covers. Find one that coordinates with the rest of your decor. Unless you also have three different-sized “inside pillows,” a pair of pillowcases that is all the same size is preferable.

Dakimakura may be purchased in four different fabrics. The following is a discussion of these:

As the name implies, dakimakura pillows made from smooth knit are extraordinarily soft and silky to the touch. The silky texture comes from the 100% polyester fabric used in its construction. In addition, the polyester guarantees that the printed images and design won’t fade or deteriorate after several washing items. The one negative aspect is that you can only stretch the material in one direction.

Peach Skin is a more subdued iteration of the same silky knit fabric. And when compared to other Dakimakura pillows, it is the most reasonably priced. In the same way, smooth knit and peach skin is constructed of 100% polyester. They have a similar look. Polyester, however, varies in quality. Even though the peach skin Dakimakura cushion is very plush and silky to the touch, the fabric is not stretchy. Good quality prints are produced and maintain their original appearance even after many uses.

The soft velvet fabric is one of the less popular choices for Dakimakura cushions. While velvet is very luxurious to the touch, it does not serve as a reliable foundation for photorealistic patterns. The fuzzy velvet Dakimakura cushion retains heat and has an odd appearance. So, unless you’re going somewhere cold and don’t mind a fuzzy print, I recommend not reading this.

A third inexpensive fabric is a twill, produced exclusively by Cospa, the first Japanese company to mass-produce Dakimakura pillows. Because twill prints so pale and doesn’t hold its form, it’s not a particularly appealing choice. You may also import it from Japan, but be aware that doing so would incur extra shipping fees.

Bidirectional Tricot: The residents of Dakimakura unanimously choose this choice above any other. The fabric has a luxuriously soft touch, a subtle gloss, and a high-quality finish. Its great contrast and ability to highlight subtle details in printed characters set it apart as a go-to fabric. It’s stretchy so that you can pull it in any way.

It’s a personal preference, so please keep that in mind as you read this. Any design you may imagine is open to you. The prints may be tailored to each customer’s specific tastes. Since Dakimakura is also connected with the idea of a “love pillow,” several more adult-oriented patterns are available in addition to the more traditional ones.

In light of the more mature connotations of Dakimakura pillows, it is prudent to plan and purchase a cover for them. You may always enclose them on the cover and keep them out of sight, which is especially useful if you’re worried about criticism or scrutiny.

As for the cost, you need not source from Japan anymore. Numerous domestic retailers stock Dakimakura cushions like- Considering these alternatives first can help you save money on delivery.

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