Cotton Candy Machine Buying Guide

In western countries, people love cotton candy and in today’s century even in Africa people have learned to love the candy and thus introduce machines that help to create candies. Nowadays it has become a routine that candies are essential at parties as part of dessert.

It is a machine that is used to make spur sugar that resembles cotton. Cotton candy is also referred to as candy floss or air floss. The machine is also used for coloring and flavoring.

Steps for Making Cotton Candy

  • First, prepare your workstation since you will be spinning sugar on paper and enough space is needed on a table
  • Load the floss and spin the head as the floss mix heat up. faster spin squeeze out the water then forms cotton-like candy.
  • When floss starts to low put off the spinning head, reduce the heat
  • Add more cotton candy mix into the machine when the floss amount begins to slow
  • Start the machine then allow the sugar to burn out by itself

Features to consider for cotton candy machines

  • The spinning speed is key because you should consider high performance spinning machine to prevent sugar clogs. Cotton candy machine price in Kenya will be determined by whether the machine is high-performance or low performance
  • Clips and Stabilizer: Install the stabilizer and clip before turning the cotton candy machine for putting the screen in place on the inside of the bowl. Clips and stabilizers prevent cotton candy from spinning outside the bowl to make the collection of the final product easier

Different Types of Cotton Candy Maker

Cart: This candy maker is movable as there are wheels attached to it. It is similar to those once in the trade fair. It may also come with storage drawers to store sugar, sticks, and other supplies. These machines are large, costlier, and heavy and are basically for commercial use.

Compact: These types of candy makers are easily available. they are preferred for homes and they have no wheels. They are much smaller than the cart and they are less costly. They also do not have storage space and they are heated fast.

Can cotton candy be rented?

There is cotton candy available for hire. If you need to use the machine because you have a party you can rent the candy maker instead of buying one. The price to hire the machine is very affordable.

What Amount of Sugar Should be used?

When you need to make cotton candy using the normal home candy maker use about 5-6 grams o sugar or color sugar.


Cotton candy machine is an equipment that is very important when it comes to candy making. If you are a party person ensure to invest in the candy maker to always make candy for your guests. One can also make extra money by renting out their cotton candy-making machine to parties and friends. Select a candy maker that is durable, firm, and made with the best material.

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