Choosing The Best Gaming Webcam For Live Streaming

Many people play games for entertainment and relaxation, while others play games professionally. The experienced gamers are often live streaming themselves while they play games, and they have a large number of subscribers who watch them play. Fans are more likely to pay a gamer if he offers excellent quality video streaming. So in addition to investing in the best computer hardware which they can afford, professional gamers would like to purchase the top-rated gaming webcam available. The Razer Kiyo gaming webcam is one of the best webcams available for video conferencing and streaming at present, and its features are discussed in detail below.

Video quality

One of the considerations while choosing the webcam is the video quality which depends to some extent on the pixel size of the webcam. Most of the popular 4K webcams available have a pixel size of fewer than two microns while the gaming webcam has a pixel size of more than two microns. Additionally, if no compression is used, the webcam offers videos at a Full high definition (FHD) resolution of 1080 pixels, at 60 frames per second (FPS). This resolution offers the best video quality available at present. For greater clarity and vibrant colors, high dynamic range (HDR) is activated at 30 FPS

Light sensor

Another unique feature of this gaming webcam is that it has an inbuilt CMOS light sensor which allows the lighting to be automatically adjusted as required based on the current lighting. This ensures that high-quality images are available even when it is dark. The user can also change the field of view (FOV) of the webcam as required, to show more of the surroundings or less based on his preferences. The software provided can be used to select from the three FOV options – narrow, medium, and wide for the wide angle, large aperture lens of the webcam. The focus of the camera can also be adjusted.

Mechanical settings

The webcam can be placed on top of the monitor, or laptop display, or kept on a table. The user can also separately purchase a tripod to install it at a convenient place. Often the gamer does not want the webcam to stream video for privacy reasons. Instead of changing the software settings, he can use the privacy cover which is provided by the webcam. One of the significant problems with webcams is that scratches on the webcam lens adversely affect the video quality. So to avoid this problem and for greater durability, the gaming webcam uses a gorilla glass lens, which is four times more damage and scratch resistant compared to the material used in lenses of other webcams.


For best performance, the gaming webcam should be connected to the USB 3.0 port of the computer or laptop. The cables used for the connection should also be USB 3.0 compliant. After this Razer Synapse software should be installed on the computer so that the user can easily adjust the parameters of the webcam. The webcam should be configured as the default camera device in the windows setting of the computer.

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