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At what age should you use a moisturizer?

Most often mistaken that people need a moisturizer. (Moisturizer) or moisturizing products are people who have problems with dry skin, cracked skin, flaky skin, rough skin, dehydrated skin, or must be elderly only.

Everyone, whether they are children, teenagers, adults, old age, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z or baby boom, should use a moisturizer. Due to various industries and the current global warming causing dust, PM2.5, free radicals from car smoke, pollution, sunlight and increasing amount of UV rays destroy the moisturizer. As a result, the moisturizer under our skin evaporates more easily than before. But many people turn to moisturizers for false beliefs, even though they are not true.

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5 Mistakes About Moisturizers

1.) Use moisturizer only when there is a problem.

Most people who don’t have dry skin tend to be less interested in using moisturizers when they are normal. but will quickly find a moisturizer to use when the skin has problems such as dehydrated skin The skin is very dry, abnormally itchy, cracked, flaky, even if you turn your attention to moisturizer. But would it be better to use a moisturizer regularly to prevent problems?

2.) Oily skinned people don’t need a moisturizer.

“People with oily skin don’t need moisturizers” is a long-standing myth because oily skinned people believe that their faces are already oily so they don’t need any additional nourishment. but will be interested in controlling it Reduce oiliness on the face more But in fact oily skinned people can use a moisturizer. If you choose a moisturizer that matches your skin type, it will help reduce the problem of oily, dehydrated skin. or increased acne on the face tinyzonetv

The reason why oily skin people use moisturizer and why it helps to reduce acne problems, oily skin dehydrated is because when people with oily skin do not use moisturizer to add moisture to the face. When faced with dirt, pollution outside the building, the natural moisturizers of oily skinned people will quickly disappear. The sebaceous glands misunderstand that your face is dehydrated. Lack of moisture, your face will dry soon. So the sebaceous glands took out a large set of oil, flashing lights. The result is what it is. The face is more clogged up. Is it an increase in acne?

3.) I have acne so I don’t dare to apply moisturizer.

Don’t dare to use moisturizer because acne is another thing that most people misunderstand. Acne But acne is not an excuse to avoid moisturizers. People with acne can also use moisturizers. Just choose a moisturizer to suit your skin type. It does not contain any acne-causing substances and it can be used.

4.) Apply moisturizer incorrectly.

– Apply moisturizer or skin care wrong step

Applying moisturizer or skin care in the wrong step is a big deal because besides the girls will not receive good nourishment. Moisturizers that are applied also will clump together and become flaky, and that part of the moisturizer will immediately become useless. Imagine a time when girls work to save money to buy good moisturizers, but they all end up in vain. Just because the moisturizer was applied in the wrong step.

Therefore, in order to prevent money And the girls’ moisturizer must be wasted. Girls have to learn how. The sequence of steps to apply the moisturizer is correct as well. The principle is simple, just apply the moisturizer with a light texture. Absorbs quickly first, then slowly sloughs off the heavy moisturizer. It absorbs slowly until finally it’s oiled in case you have oil to nourish your skin. anonig

– Choose a moisturizer that is not suitable for your skin type.

In the skin care packaging that each brand sells, it is detailed that this moisturizer is suitable for any skin type, such as dry, oily, or combination skin. There are different ingredients to make a product that is really suitable for each person’s skin type.

If any young woman is still not sure what kind of skin type they have, they can leave a question on the website. or other social media channels, the Facebook Labs research team will immediately contact you back

– I think that using only oil or oil alone is enough. otherwise not necessary

As we all know, moisturizer is a term for a product. or ingredients with nourishing properties moisturize the skin The moisturizer can be divided according to the working conditions into 3 types:

– Occlusive moisturizer acts like a film to prevent water under the skin from evaporating and seeping in, but it comes off easily when cleaned as well.

** Humectant moisturizer acts to bring moisture from the outside air into the inside to add moisture to the skin.

** Sunscreen moisturizer There will be a mixture of sun protection to help reduce the evaporation of water under the skin from UV rays.

– Do not rush to apply moisturizer after taking a shower / while the face is still moist.

After washing your face, if you don’t rush to apply moisturizer, girls will lose their best moments. because the skin will absorb And retaining the highest moisturizer is when the skin of the boys and girls are still moisturized.

– Only old people need to use moisturizers.

Like I said, any age can use a moisturizer. If you think that only old people need to use moisturizer. Be careful, you’ll get old first. Because the moisturizer who uses faster the more advantage And if you keep using moisturizer to nourish your skin regularly since childhood, primary school, middle school, our face will be smooth, clear, healthy, young face forever.

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