An Overview About IGO Collections With KuCoin

The financial industry is not the same as it used to be; over the past few years, we have seen pretty significant changes take place within the industry as. Blockchain technology was developed, and it revolutionized the world of finance. We saw new items in which people could invest, such as crypto coins which are digitalized and decentralized currency, and NFTs, which are a new form of assets; these items can be exchanged on a platform like KuCoin.KuCoin is a leading crypto exchange platform; it is currently providing its services to more than 18 million active users who take part in trading and investing activities in crypto coins; the platform also provides every necessary information like cryptocurrency prices, market valuation, and trading volume so that you can thoroughly analyze before making the decision. The platform has over 500 coins listed with big names, including Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), and many more you can also get the latest news on cryptocurrency bitcoin price and live market charts on the platform.

KuCoin is also a marketplace for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which are digital art and assets that can be exchanged for money; the NFTs are very similar to crypto coins; NFTs can be sent as gifts or earned as rewards from games, which brings us to our main point IGO.

What Is IGO?

The crypto industry is vast, and new ideas take birth every year; the IGO (Initial Game Offering) is an opportunity or activity to invest in a gaming project. If it becomes successful, then investors reap the rewards. The games usually use NFTs as a gaming currency. That is why if you are willing to invest in IGOs, you must buy that game’s native NFTs.

Game Financialization is credited for the beginning of this IGO concept; GameFi is where people play the game and earn rewards such as NFTs; these can be sent as gifts or monetized.

Best IGO To Invest In

The IGO concept is prevalent and used by many games in the crypto industry, namely, GameFi, Seedify Fund, Trust Pad, Enjinstarter, and many more.

A popular gaming platform Axie Infinity has a turnover of $1.1 Billion in 2021; this signifies that the GameFi industry is thriving, thinking of how much people would have earned from its launchpad. The main reason why games offer IGO is that they seek mass investments from the public to gain some capital that could assist them in project development.

Before investing in IGO, it is highly advised that you should verify the social media presence of the game. It is a safe and sound investment if it has a considerable following. Another thing to be noted is how many tokens are generated, which shows the demand for the game, a game with high token generation means it is hot in the market.

The KuCoin platform has many games offering their IGOs, so grab this opportunity and invest in industry-leading games that have listed their launchpad on KuCoin.

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