Airbnb Extras: 5 Things Your Airbnb Guests Wish You Had at Your Property

Airbnb hosts all know the importance of getting 5-star reviews. Even a generally positive 4-star review can do a lot of damage to your listing and your ability to attract guests foodiesfact. Many people don’t even consider properties that have less than a 4.5 rating, and if you drop below 4, you’re really in trouble.

To help you boost your ratings and attract more bookings, we questioned regular Airbnb users on the missing ingredients they wish hosts would include at their properties.  

1. Quality cookware

When you buy cookware for your Airbnb property, opt for sturdy, high-quality sets that will withstand use (and occasional abuse) from multiple guests. It’s tempting to simply pick up the cheapest non-stick set you can find. However, over multiple stays, this kind of cookware gets scratched, making it less effective and worse, leaching chemicals into the food your guests prepare. You will score a lot of points with guests by providing them with a safe, non-toxic, high-quality set of cookware with which to prepare their meals. 

2. Kitchen essentials

While guests certainly will buy their own food while staying at your property, there are certain staple items you should really provide for them. For travelers, it can get frustrating having to buy things like salt and pepper at every new property, only to leave it all behind a week or month later. 

If you want good reviews, it pays to be considerate of your guests and stock your kitchen with basics like biodegradable trash bags, cooking oil, salt, pepper, tea, and coffee. If you live in an area where the tap water isn’t drinkable, include a large bottle of water and instructions on where your guests can obtain more. 

3. A good quality mattress and pillows

This is another area most Airbnb hosts seem to cheap out on. Guests often complain of uncomfortable mattresses, tiny double beds listed as queen beds, and cheap, lumpy pillows that offer no neck support. 

While it may seem crazy to invest in quality bedding that you’ll never get to take advantage of yourself, consider this: guests who develop back pain at your property are not going to be in a very generous state of mind when they write their review igadgetnow. However, if they love the mattress, have plenty of room to stretch out, and feel refreshed, pain-free, and revitalized after every night’s sleep, they’re going to be happy to overlook any minor inconveniences that may arise during their stay.

4. Good quality umbrellas

Many travelers just don’t have space for an umbrella. If they do bring one, it’s usually the small folding variety that is useless if there’s even a tiny bit of wind. By providing large, sturdy umbrellas, you show that you’ve thought about life from your guests’ point of view and gone the extra mile to ensure they’re comfortable during their stay igadgetnewstoday. Even if it doesn’t rain very often at your property, keep in mind that many people use umbrellas to protect their skin from the sun. 

5. A welcome pack

Rather than waiting for your guests to message you asking for the wifi password or instructions for the washing machine, put all this and more into a guide. Cover everything from security and wifi information to the best local restaurants and hangouts newspinup. To create a truly 5-star experience for your guest, display this welcome guide in an easy-to-spot place along with some fresh fruit or small chocolates. This is a sweet way of showing that you care about their comfort and happiness. 

Add these thoughtful extras to your Airbnb property, and watch those glowing 5-star reviews roll in.

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