10 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Complications with drafting an essay or another academic paper are very common among students. Learning all the relevant rules and formatting styles requires tedious studying and extensive practice. There are ways to facilitate the learning process to reach a proficient level of academic writing sooner.

  • Accept the Rules of the Game

Even for an aspiring fiction writer strict rules and formats of the academic paper may be too demanding. The pressure of complying with many criteria and standards could easily discourage or even intimidate. Unfortunately, there are no roundabouts with academic writing. So, success in academia starts with full acceptance of its rules. Try not to perceive them as limitations but rather as a specific genre you could master. 

The starting point would be a careful examination of various types of academic essays. You can easily find a good assortment on the websites of essay writing services. As those are written by professional writers, you can rely safely on the papers’ quality for reference. 

  • Train Research Skills

Academic papers in most cases are meant for verification of skills, and knowledge received during the studies. It is almost inevitable that additional information, data, or supporting references would become necessary for an academic essay. So, it is crucial to be good at browsing information and extracting the gist out of it. 

You can train your research skill by using them daily on menial tasks first. When you meet a new term or a fact in your reading or a lecture, use them as training material. Go to the origins of the concept, dive as deep as you could, and select qualitative sources and references .

  • Master A Science of Thesis

No good paper would impress its readers if they do not understand its purpose. That is why the thesis statement plays such a crucial role in a coherent essay. In practice, a thesis statement formulates a key idea of your essay that you would argue in the following paragraphs. 

Although it sounds pretty basic, to formulate a good thesis statement means to have only one sentence to grasp attention, convey the meaning of the paper, and offer a brief argument supporting your idea. It is necessary to include a specific topic, suggest a theory you are going to argue for, and mention the importance to the wider public.

  • Always Draft An Outline For Your Essay 

A good structure is what makes your paper coherent and logical. It can be something complex and elaborate or a simple basic option. However, knowing the most popular essay structures would not obligatory help you write it faster. On the opposite, assigning key arguments, references, and quotes to structure parts would give you a solid foundation to polish only. A good outline prevents your mind from wandering away from the goal of your writing and allows you to write the essay quickly

  • Study Academic Writing and Referencing Styles

The best arguments and brilliant ideas in the essay do not suffice for a perfect grade if there are violations of the academic requirements posed for the paper. There are numerous academic standards and formatting norms for references – Harvard, MLA, APA, and many more. Careful examination of all formats relevant to your studies would prevent you from making stylistic mistakes that cause lower grades.

  • Use Smart Spell-Checking Tools to Learn

Small typos or repeated grammar mistakes, all affect the quality of your essay and influence the grade. Using an effective spell-checking program would ensure your paper is error-free. But with digital help, you also get valuable advice. Correcting your own mistakes even with hints teaches you a lot about grammar and writing style. It’s a safe way to train your skills and not jeopardize your grades.

  • Edit Mercilessly

The most popular problem with the student writing style is the papers being too wordy. Wishing to tell a lot within a limited essay format causes not a concise language, run-on sentences, and unclear content. People often write the first drafts on inspiration in the flow state. It produces a great substance but may cause messy writing. Try to edit your essays at least several hours after the original writing. Remove anything that delivers no value to your thoughts.

  • Find A Proofreading Mentor

This advice is the easiest and the hardest task at once. Finding a person willing to proofread your essays for grammar, style, and clearness is a challenge. You may try looking among your peers. Someone with a stronger grasp of writing skills could have a fresh look at your writing and provide valuable feedback. Such an independent review is easier to accept from another student.

  • Seek Advice At Your University 

Probably every university offers a course or a workshop on academic writing. It may not be the quickest path to follow, but the most comprehensive one for sure. The key benefit is that you learn the specific requirements of your university, not the general rules. On the bonus side, you can always approach the tutor with concrete questions you may have.

  • Create Personalized Academic Writing Cheat-Sheet

No matter how creative and original you are in the essays, academic writing has its style and accepted phrases. If used in moderation, they help you stick to the scholarly language required and facilitate the writing process. These commonly used phrases help frame the narration and make good transitions between ideas.

Academic writing has a set of very specific rules and approaches. Knowing the shortcuts to great quality of your essays helps speed up the learning curve to perfect writing.

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